Dimension of a Meat Tenderizer

A meat tenderizer can be the perfect tool for softening up meat. At the same time, using a tenderizer can help those marinade flavors truly sink in.

Meat Tenderizer Dimensions: Jaccard 45

The Jaccard 45 knife meat tenderizer measures 8 x 7 x 4 inches. The tenderizer has 45 steel blades, helping the meat soak in the marinade. This also helps to lessen the cooking time by up to 40%.

The Jaccard 45 can be used on different kinds of meat. The knife cartridges can be taken off so it can be cleaned easily. The tenderizer can be used on turkey, chicken, veal and pork.

This tenderizer can eliminate the need for using a mallet. The blades are flat and thin, allowing it to go through the meat thoroughly.

Meat Tenderizer Dimensions: Jaccard Simply Better Meat Knife

The Jaccard Simply Better meat knife tenderizer measures 4.5 x 6 x 2 inches. The blades are stainless steel (there are three rows). They can reduce cooking time by nearly half.

The tenderizer also helps produce uniform cooking without causing shrinkage. The tool works by breaking down the tissues connecting the meat, making it softer. The tenderizer also prevents any loss of juices in the meat.

It also helps in preserving the marinade flavors. The design also makes the tool easy to clean up. The blades can also be replaced should the need arise.

Meat Tenderizer Dimensions: Oxo Good Grips

The Oxo Good Grips meat tenderizer measures 9 x 2.4 x 1.9 inches. The handles are brushed stainless steel. The tenderizer surface is textured for maximum usage.

The smooth side can be used for pounding. To give it extra durability and strength, it is made of one piece aluminum. The Oxo Good Grips tenderizer can be used for making thin cutlets. This tool can also be used for making the meat as tender as possible.

The handle is large and has rubber fins to make it comfortable to use. The tenderizer also remains cool to touch even when used.

Meat Tenderizer Dimensions: Norpro

The Norpro meat tenderizer measures 2 x 1.5 x 1.2 inches. It has stainless steel prongs that let it break hard meat fibers. The tool can also be used for piercing meats (needed for marinating).

The Norpro meat tenderizer has a heavy duty spring-loaded control system to ensure the movements are accurate. This provides precise control when the handle is set down. The prongs go through the disk holes and straight to the meat. The base measures two inches in diameter.

The tool may be cleaned in a dishwasher or hand washed. While it is designed for meat, the utility can be used for smashing ice and cracking nuts. Another feature of the tenderizer is it does not stick to the meat too much. There is also a retracting platform that keeps you from being hurt by the spikes.

The meat tenderizer dimensions and designs can be incredibly diverse. It helps to read a few reviews to help you find the right product at the right price.

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