Size of a Webkinz


Webkinz dimensions vary as they are so many animal types available. The Strawberry Cloud Leopard measures 7 x 4 x 5 inches. Other Webkinz stuffed animals measure 10 x 6 x 7, 12 x 6 x 8, 11 x 6 x 7 and 11 x 7 x 6 inches. 

Other Animals

Among the most popular Webkinz are the guinea pig, raccoon, reindeer, Halloween Lava Dragon, brown Springer Spaniel and Clydesdale Horse. Its other well known Webkinz stuffed animals are the duck, Chihuahua, Halloween Black Cat and Emperor Dragon. 

Overview of Webkinz Toys 

The Webkinz stuffed animals came out on April 29, 2005. While it has similarities to other stuff toys, all the toys regardless of the Webkinz dimensions come with a tag known as the secret code.

This code gives one access to the Webkinz World online site. Using the code, one will be able to own an online version of the toy for one year. To get long term access to the site, one has to purchase additional Webkinz toys. 

Other Variants 

The Lil’kinz are smaller and less costly variants of the Webkinz toys. The Signature collection is the largest and most expensive of the group. These came out in 2009. 

Around the middle of 2007, the Webkinz eStore was launched. Here collectors can purchase virtual accessories like charms, virtual pets, clothing, furniture and many more. Regardless of the Webkinz dimensions of the pet, the items can only be used with an existing Webkinz Jr. or Webkinz account. 

Other variants are the Birthstone pets which came out in 2009. These were released every month. In April 2010 the Zaniac pets and theme replaced them. These are designed with constellation themes. 


The sales of plush of Lil'kinz and Webkinz are limited to Canada and the United States. The online pets however, can be bought from the online store by people all over the world. 

Animals and Gameplay 

Apart from the animals mentioned earlier, some of the animals are mythical and some the company designed. No matter what the animal size is, gameplay is the same. Once the secret code is entered in the site, you can adopt the virtual equivalent of the pet. There are many types of online Webkinz animals online too. Numerous games and activities can be performed on the site. 

The Webkinz dimensions will be more varied as new versions appear. Numerous other accessories and items also appear on the website as well. 

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