Bike Frame Size Dimensions

Cycling is a positive leisure activity. It can make you sweat so it is a form of exercise in itself. Aside from the health benefits, it can help you relax big time. If you are looking for a nice way to balance out all the pressures in your life, biking will help you discard a lot of tensions. It is a great adventure in terms of going places, as far as your bike will permit and as far as your power can reach.

There are many great experiences that riding a bike can impart. It can be your family’s bonding moment. Riding a bike requires very simple skills that even a young kid can learn.

Things to Know Before Riding

Before making the decision to get into riding a bike as a hobby, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

First, there is that fact that bike riders are required with a bike helmet. In 21 states, wearing a bike helmet is mandatory. The rules are as strict as the ones referring to using seatbelts every tome you ride a car. This significant rule can save lives as wearing a helmet is the most sensible thing to do to give yourself utmost protection against all types of riding accidents. Since bikes are for everyone, there are also bike helmets that can fit into anyone. There bike helmet sizes for both kids and adults.

Second, there should be an understanding that not all bikes are the same. Bikes are classified under different categories. There are road bikes, mountain bikes, and the like. Each type of bike is created for a specific kind of ride. You should be able to choose the right type for you.

Third, there is the issue about fit. How to determine your bike size? The basic consideration is the bike frame. Bike frame size dimensions vary widely. There are different frame sizes that fit every kind of rider.

To measure what frame size is right for you, you must measure your inseam first and foremost. You will be able to accomplish this best if you are barefooted. Getting the measurement of your inseam will give you an idea what frame size you should get with every different kind of bike.

If you have an inseam measuring 90 centimeters, for example, you will fit into a road bike with a frame size of 59 centimeters. You get that by multiplying your inseam measurement by 0.65. For a mountain bike, you have to subtract 10 centimeters. That makes you fitted to a 48 centimeter mountain bike.

If you are not too privy about bike frame size dimensions, you can easily bridge the gap of finding the right frame size by trying one on.

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