How Big is a Frog Net?

There are lots of frog net dimensions ranging from the small to the very large. The big nets measure 21 x 15 x 2 inches. The smaller ones are 18 x 12 x 2 inches. There are other sizes which you can purchase.

Why Size Matters

Frogs come in different forms and shapes. If you are only trying to catch small ones, the large nets may be an overkill and unwieldy to use. The small nets can capture these more easily. But if there are large frogs in your backyard, get as big as net as you can find.

Nothing is more frustrating than an undersized net. You can get the best of both by buying various frog net dimensions. You should also consider the handle length. Some nets let you attach additional handles to increase its length.


The net must be built from heavy duty material. A lot of them are made of aluminum tubing. The hoop diameter varies, but 15” is common in large nets. The net is typically made of mesh. The depth varies but 22 inches is not uncommon. If you are catching large frogs, a deep net is required.


Keep in mind that some of these nets are not equipped with a pole. Others have them, so you should evaluate the product. You can get information from the product website or online store.

How to Use the Nets

Unless you know where the frogs are, the net is useless. When sunset arrives, take out your net. Go to your backyard. Soon you will hear the frogs croaking. Move in the direction of the sound. If necessary bring a flashlight. You will see the frog usually on a rock or on the grass.

You will also find frogs near streams and ponds. The frogs need the water to maintain the moisture of their skin. It is also where they lay eggs and get food. If there are streams close your home, the frogs will be near the rocks.

They can be found around midday. During the day, the frogs can be found on fallen trees. You can catch them as they try to get some sunlight. You can get a lot of them during this time.

Make sure the frog net dimensions are proper. As long as the size is right, you should have no problems catching these creatures. However, you need to be patient. Some of the smaller frogs may prove difficult to capture.

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