Guitar Scale Length

The scales used by guitars vary, depending on the Guitar Scaletype and the manufacturer. The following are some measurements employed by popular guitars.

Guitar Scale Lengths: Fender Electric Guitars

The 22.5 in (572 mm) scale is used by the Fender Musicmaster, the Fender Mustang, the Fender Duosonic and a few other Fender guitars. The Fender Stratocaster Junior has a scale length of 22.72 in (577 mm).

The full scale (24 in / 610 mm) is used by the following Fender guitars: the Fender Jaguar, the Fender Bronco, and current Fender Mustang guitars. The 24.75 in (629 mm) is used by the Fender Cyclone. The Fender Esquire, Fender Telecaster, Fender Stratocaster and the Fender Jazzmaster use a scale length of 25.5 in (648 mm),

Guitar Scale Lengths: Gibson & Rickenbacker Electric Guitars

The Les Paul Junior and the Melody Maker use the 22.75 in (578 mm) scale while the Gibson Byrdland uses the 23.5 in (597 mm) length. The 24.75 in (629 mm) scale length is used by the following models; Gibson Les Paul, the Gibson SG and the Gibson ES-150.

The 25.5 in / 648 mm (close to the classical guitar’s length) is employed in the Gibson L-5, the Gibson Super 400 and the Gibson Johnny Smith.

The Rickenbacker Electro uses a 20.7 in (527 mm) scale. The 24.75 in (629 mm) is used by several Rickenbacker guitars. Among them are the 330, 350, 370, 620 and 660.

Guitar Scale Lengths: Electric Bass Guitars

The Fender Jaguar Bass VI Custom uses the 28.5 in (724 mm) scale length. The 30 in (762 mm) is used by the following models: Fender Musicmaster Bass, Fender Mustang Bass and the Fender Bronco Bass. 30.5 in (775 mm) is used by the Hofner 500 Beatle Bass, the Gibson EB-1 and Hamer B8S 8-string bass.

The 34 in (864 mm) is employed by the Gibson Thunderbird Bass, Fender Precision Bass, and Jaguar Bass. The 34.5 in (876 mm) scale length is used by the Gibson EB-0L. The 35 in (889 mm) is used by the Ibanez BTB.

Among electric bass guitars, the 30" (76 cm) is regarded as a short one. The long one (standard) is 34" (86 cm). There are also scale lengths measuring 36" (91 cm).

Other Guitar Scale Lengths

The standard for the classical guitars is 26 in (660 mm). For the steel string acoustic guitar, it is 24.6 in or 25.4 in.
Other electric guitars use other scale lengths. The 20.7 in (527 mm) is used by the Squier Bullet Mini. The 22.5 in (572 mm), scale length is used by the Some Musicmaster II and Duosonic II.

The Brian May Red Special uses the 24 in (610 mm), The 24.6 in (625 mm) length is used by the Gretsch guitars. The Guild utilizes the 24.75 in (629 mm) length. A lot of Paul Reed Smith guitars use the 25 in (635 mm).

The guitar scale lengths listed here are used by other manufacturers as well. While the classical guitar length is standardized, those for the electric guitars are not.

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