Bike Sizes Kona

Bike sizes Kona vary because they produce different models. Mountain bikes make up their main product line. But the company also produces road bikes. The following is a general size guide for their bikes.

Guide to Bike Dimensions

Kona frame sizes are from 14 inches to 23 in. The frame refers to the length of the seat tube. The right frame dimensions depend on the rider’s height. The smallest frame (14 in) is suited for people 4 feet, nine inches. The 23 inch frame is suited for people who are 6’ 10”. There are other frame dimensions designed for diverse standover heights, arm lengths and heights.

Notes on Fitting

When checking bike sizes Kona, the standover height is the most vital. This is the measurement from the top of the bicycle frame to the ground. The point is between the handlebars and the saddle. The distance depends on the bike.

A minimum of 5 cm clearance is needed for road riding. This is from your crotch to the frame top. An off road bike needs more clearance; the minimum has to be 7-1/2 cm. If you are going to buy a mountain bike, a 10 cm distance is needed. This is true for any bike that will be used on rough terrain.


Most of the tubes on these bikes slope. This adds to the distance between the bike and your crotch. This becomes apparent when a rider when bike straddling. This reduces the importance of standover, but it is still important. You also have to ensure that the bike specs meet your end. The bike is too small if your crotch hits the top tube when bouncing your heels.

Making Adjustments

One of the nice things about these bikes is their seats can be adjusted. Make adjustments so the heel reaches the pedal. If you cannot reach it, the bike is too big. A properly fitting bike makes it easy to hold the handlebar. There should be no hand straining. The ways the bikes are adjusted differ though.

Keep in mind that the bike sizes Kona shown here are for information purposes only. These guidelines can help but personal fitting is still essential. You have to think of what kind of bike you want to use.

The dimensions of your body and bike have to be considered. The company makes bikes specifically for kids and women. This can help you when it comes to selecting a bike.

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