Bike Frame Size Comparison

A bike frame size comparison can be a useful guide for beginners. Choosing a frame that is too big or small can be very uncomfortable. With these guides, you will have a point of reference when you go shopping for a bike.

Road Bike Frames (in Inches)

If your inseam is 28.5, the frame should be 19.3 inches. For a 29 inch inseam, the right frame is 19.7. A 29.5 inseam is compatible with a 20 inch frame. For a 30 inch inseam, the frame should be 20.5 inches. A 30.75 inseam will do well with a 20.9 frame. 31.25, 32 and 32.5 inch inseams are for 21.3, 21.7 and 22.1 frames. A 33 inch inseam is good for 22.5 frames. With a 33.75 inseam, the 22.9 frame is sufficient. For a 34.25 inch inseam, the 23.2 frame is compatible.

Mountain Bike Guide

A bike frame size comparison chart also relies on inseam lengths. 23 inches and bigger frames are 35″ and longer inseams. 21 to 23 inch frames are for 33″ – 35″ inseams. 19 to 21 inch frames are for 31″ – 33″ long inseams while 17 to 19 inch frames are for 29″ – 31” inseam lengths. 15 to 17 inch frames are for 27″ – 29″ inseams. Inseam lengths of 25” – 27” are compatible with 13 – 15 inch frames.

How to Determine Bike Frame Dimensions

Position your bike so it is against a wall. If the bar is straight at the seat to the handles, find the top tube center. This tube goes from the handle bars to the seat post. Measure it. Next, measure from the top tube center to the middle of the frame. This is where the lower tube and seat post meet up. The figure you get is the frame in inches.

If the frame is slanted, measure from the seat hole’s top. This is the hole, not the post. From there, measure to the frame’s center. This is the part where it connects the lower tube. The figure you get should be in inches.

Even after you make a bike frame size comparison, make it a point to ride the bike first. The frame may be right, but the bike itself may not be comfortable. Riding the bike also gives you an idea of how suspension works. Take note of the construction too. It can make a big difference. Do not buy a bike unless you understand its specifications.

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