Common Window Sizes

When it comes to choosing window sizes, there is only one thing to consider: the size of the space upon which you will be installing the window frames. To find the right window size, you only have to measure your space because different houses have different window sizes.

Different rooms in the house may also have different window sizes so it’s really a matter of what your personal preference is when choosing what size windows to install in your home.

Common Window Sizes

There are however a few common window sizes that can serve as your guide so you can have an idea of how to size-up your windows. Depending on the style of your home, common window sizes vary.

Colonial Homes

If your home is inspired by Colonial architecture, common window dimensions that will fit the style of your home are approximately 6 feet in height by 4 feet in width.

These dimensions are around 72 inches high and 48 inches wide.

Modern/Contemporary Homes

For a Modern style home, windows appropriate here are about 6 feet high and one and one-half feet wide. In inches, these measurements are roughly about 72 inches in height and 18 inches in width.

Country Homes

These homes usually have windows that measure about three and one-half feet high by two and one-half feet wide. These are approximately 42 inches in height by 30 inches in width.

Georgian Homes

Window sizes for Georgian style homes are not much different from windows for Colonial style homes. Windows for both generally measure six feet in height.

However, in Georgian homes, windows here are a bit narrower; usually measuring only about three feet in width as compared to windows for Colonial architecture which are four feet wide.

In inches, these window dimensions are 72 in width and 36 in height.

Prefab Window Sizes

If you are not much into carpentry but still would like to install the windows yourself, you can opt to go with prefabricated windows. These are ready to install in just a few simple steps.

Some of the most common sizes for prefab windows are the following:


Heights for prefab windows usually start at four hundred and fifty millimeters, six hundred millimeters, one thousand and fifty millimeters up to one thousand and five hundred millimeters.

In inches, these window heights are approximately 17.72 inches, 23.62 inches, 41.34 inches up to 59.06 inches.


Prefab windows usually have widths that start at four hundred and eighty-eight millimeters, six hundred and thirty millimeters up to one thousand seven hundred and seventy millimeters.

These widths are about 19.21 inches, 24.80 inches up to 69.69 inches.

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