Bike Sizes What Size Should I Get

Finding out the right bike size for you is no longer as difficult as it used to be. The Internet provides you with several options. Before you buy, take the time to study how sizing works.

Internet Bike Calculators

One way is to use website calculators. By entering the appropriate data, you will get the right frame size. The info you get can be used as a jumping point when you look for a bike. Usually you need to enter your height among other measurements. You can print the results and use them as a guide when shopping.

Sizing Charts

Another way to find the right bike size for you is to use charts. These charts show bike frame dimensions (inches or cm) and the appropriate inseam lengths and heights. The inseam by the way, refers to the space between your crotch and the ground. The recommendations you get can be of great assistance. Just like the calculators, these are free. These charts may also be available in bicycle stores.

Frame Measurements in Detail

For mountain and road bikes, the frame measurement is the distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube. Typically, a mountain bike’s frame has to be twelve cm smaller than road bicycles. But this is only a rough guide. There are many types of road and mountain bikes. Many of them have adjustable seats.

The importance of frame sizes cannot be underestimated. An ill-fitting frame will make the ride very uncomfortable. At the very least you won’t be able to get full power. At worst you’ll get leg cramps.

Frames that are oversized prevent full drive. An easy way to determine if the size is right is to stand over the frame. If it’s a hybrid, touring or racing bike, there should be an inch space between your crotch and bike.

If it’s a mountain bike, the distance has to be bigger. For kids’ bicycles, place them on the seat. They should be able to hold the handlebars easily. The balls of their feet must be able to touch the floor. The distance between the crotch and bar has to be 25-50 mm (standing up).

While choosing the right bike size for you, consider the sitting position as well. Some prefer backward or slightly forward. But the most common option is level. There are no hard and fast rules here. You need to experiment with different types.

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