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    A burqa is a type of women’s garment usually worn on top of a hijab, in keeping with Islamic tradition. This is a loose-fitting garment Muslim women wear when they are going out to public places.
    A hijab on the other hand, is a type of Muslim dress specifically made for Muslim women.
    Burqa Sizes
    Since a burqa is a loose-fitting garment, the sizes are adjusted in a way that several inches are added to the exact body measurements, usually around the bust or chest area and the hip area.
    Sizing standards may vary depending on the manufacturer of the burqa. Basically however, burqa sizes come in 2XS, Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2XL up to 6XL.
    In inches, these sizes usually start at 40 inches all the way to 66 inches, with two-inch increments.
    Burqa Sizes Conversions
    To get the right burqa sizes, you can find size charts that provide conversions from the usual dress sizes into the appropriate burqa size. The following are some of these conversions that you can find in size charts:
    United States – 6 and 8
    European Size – 38 and 40
    Burqa in Inches – 40 and 42
    Burqa in Letter Size – 2XS and XS
    United States – 10
    European Size – 42
    Burqa in Inches – 42 and 44
    Burqa in Letter Size – XS and S
    United States – 12
    European Size – 44
    Burqa in Inches – 44 and 46
    Burqa in Letter Size – S and M
    United States – 14
    European Size – 46
    Burqa in Inches – 46 and 48
    Burqa in Letter Size – M and L
    United States – 16
    European Size – 48
    Burqa in Inches – 48 and 50
    Burqa in Letter Size – L and 2XL
    United States – 18
    European Size – 50
    Burqa in Inches – 50 and 52
    Burqa in Letter Size – 2XL and 3XL
    United States – 20
    European Size – 52
    Burqa in Inches – 52 and 54
    Burqa in Letter Size – 3XL and 4XL
    United States – 22
    European Size – 54
    Burqa in Inches – 54 and 56
    Burqa in Letter Size – 4XL and 5XL
    United States – 24
    European Size – 56
    Burqa in Inches – 56 and 58
    Burqa in Letter Size – 5XL and 6XL
    As mentioned above, burqa sizes can go all the way to 66 inches, in two-inch increments. When finding the right burqa sizes, simply add about four to six inches to your bust or chest measurements to get the right loose fit. 
    You will find that manufacturers and suppliers that can accommodate alterations on sizes as well as custom-made burqa to help you get the right fit.