Bed Bug Size

Bed bugs are very small insects. People find it hard to identify them because they look similar to many other insects. However, there is a specific bed bug characteristic that you cannot mistake for anything. That is, the kind of bite they imprint into their victim’s skin.

Bed Bug Sizes

Bed bug sizes are widely varied. They depend on a bunch off different factors. Their size varies according to age. Adult bed bugs are naturally bigger than the newly hatched ones.

Also, bed bugs grow rapidly, by at least three times, after 15 minutes of feeding on human blood. That’s why some adult bed bugs may look much smaller than the ones who just recently fed on blood.

Bed bugs come in different sizes during every life cycle. Bugs of this kind go through five life cycles, wherein they come in a different size every time, growing bigger as they reach adult stage.

Most commonly, adult bed bugs grow to about 4 to 5 millimeters in length and 1 to 3 millimeters in width. That size multiplies after feeding. That means, they will become more visible if they are fed as opposed to when they are not.

If you make a comparison, bed bugs are almost the size of the seeds of jalapeno peppers. They are also a bit smaller than an apple seed. Having said that, it is clearly quite difficult to see a bed bug by naked eye.

All About Bug Infestation

Bed bug infestation is said to have grown in the recent years. This is because of the increase in people traveling in and out of the United States.

Traveling is one of the most common reason for the bug infestation. You go to a different country and check into an accommodation facility not aware whether or not it is infested by bugs. You put down your luggage and you go ahead with your agenda for the day.

In the morning, you will see very small, red inflammation on your skin. Then again, as you never knew what a bed bug is, you have no idea what those marks are about. When you leave your room, you bring home with you some unwelcome guests through your luggage.

As you reach home and put down your luggage, bed bugs will find a safe place to thrive. The next thing you know, your household becomes infested. You suddenly get red marks after a night’s sleep. In a while, they will itch and you will have to see a doctor as they become worse by the day.

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