Backyard Baseball Field Dimensions

Backyard baseball field dimensions depend entirely on the available space. What matters is you make sure measurements on all sides are equal.

Field Dimensions

Traditional Little League fields have sixty feet space for each base. The bases are set at right angles. A typical outfield must be 200 ft minimum away from home plate. This has to be straight away from the centerfield and along the foul lines too. If you have this much space in your backyard go for these specifications. If not, reduce the figures given here.

It doesn’t matter how much space you have. The important thing is keeping backyard baseball field dimensions proportional. Have the bases equidistant. You also need to have an attendant outfield length. A word about the baselines: their length has a direct effect on scoring. The shorter the baseline, the higher and the easier it will be to score. The field must cover your lines of property. If you hit anything outside of it, that will be out of play.


Generally speaking, all you need is a bat and a baseball. For a more complete experience, get some fielders’ gloves. You can mark the bases by using marker discs. If you don’t have one, use stake markers. It’s important that the foul lines and home run fence are delineated as clearly as possible. This is crucial for scoring those home runs. Ensure that everyone knows where the lines and field positions are.

Umpires and Players

Backyard play doesn’t require you to put in nine players. If there isn’t space for a full complement of players, make the outfield shorter. A smaller playing field allows fewer players to cover the playing area.

Always make sure teams have even number of players. If there is an extra one, allow them to field or both for both teams. You also need at least one person to act as umpire. These games are meant to be casual. But an umpire is necessary to keep the game fair.


Have everyone agree on the backyard baseball field dimensions before any play begins. If you want a truly realistic experience, prepare ahead by getting some baseball equipment. As stated earlier, a ball and bat are the most basic. But gloves and other equipment can make the game more interesting.

It is also a good idea for the catcher to wear some protective gear. Even if you are careful, they might still get hit by a ball accidentally.

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