Full Size Box Spring

A full size box spring should have measurements that are similar to your full size or double mattress. This is approximately around seventy-five inches in length and fifty-three inches in width.

You can use the box spring in two ways: place it on top of a bed frame for a more aesthetic appeal to your bedroom or use it as your main bed frame. This can come with legs so you can have it slightly raised from the floor and use it as your bed frame or you can also find box springs without legs if you want to stay closer to the ground.

What is a Box Spring?

A box spring is a wooden frame used as a base for your mattress. It has coil springs inside and the top is covered with a fabric to hide the springs. People who want to have a higher bed use box springs to elevate the mattress and then place this on top of another bed frame.

But there’s more to box springs than elevating the bed mattress. The springs actually provide some sort of support for the mattress thereby increasing its longevity.

Depending on the size of your mattress, you can get a box spring in single or twin, double or full, queen and king. While not a lot of people use the box spring anymore, you can still find this being used by those who have four-poster beds.

Today, box springs come in designs that can be folded in two making it easier to transport or ship. Box springs these days also come in different heights to provide consumers with more options when it comes to how high or low they want their mattresses to be raised.

Two of the sizes you can choose from are those that are around five to five and one-half inches high, and nine inches high.

Types of Box Springs

There are basically 4 different types of box springs. The foundation box spring is used mainly as a bed base and it s typically not shock absorbent. The semi-flex on the other hand, although it is likewise not shock absorbent, it is not as squeaky when compared to your usual wooden box spring.

The semi-flex is a combination of wood and metal top bed base and is also covered with a fabric much like the other box spring types.

The third type is also made of wood and metal but has coil springs to absorb shock. The last one is the torsion bar box spring. This one has shock absorbent features as well as firmer edges for superior support and comfort.

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