Average Diamond Size in UK

The average diamond size in UK is 1 to 1.5 carats for engagement rings. But .5 to .85 carats are also available. Diamond rings over 1.5 carats are still quite rare. Size and weight are the most important factors to consider when assessing the value of diamonds.

Diamond Weight and Dimensions

Diamonds with the same dimensions as other gemstones have varying weights. Diamond weight is expressed in carat. A single carat is equal to 0.2 grams and 0.0070547924 ounces. For a diamond, this will be a rounded gemstone measuring 6.4 mm in diameter. It is larger than sapphires or rubies of the same weight.

Karat and Carat

When studying average diamond size in UK, do not confuse karat with carat. Karat is used for determining gold purity. What adds to the confusion is that karat is also spelled carat. Other stones are also weighed in carats. Points are used for diamonds that are less than one carat. One hundred points equals one carat.

Carat Weight

Weight is expressed as ct TW. It simply means the entire diamond weight that was utilized for a jewelry piece. Single large gemstones are high sought after since they are rare. This means diamonds clustered for a total of two carats is cheaper than a whole 2 carat piece.

Notes about Diamond Dimensions

A carat denotes the weight of a diamond. Keep the following in mind. Diamond measurements are done along the top. Therefore, the cut of the gem determines how large it looks. A round diamond that is one carat will measure 6.4 millimeters along the top.

If the cut is marquise, it will measure 12 by 6 mm. This makes it look larger than a round diamond. A standard pear cut has dimensions of 10 by 6.5 mm. Cut grade and clarity can affect its appearance. High cut grades and clarity appear larger because of increased light refraction.

Other Information

Carat is usually abbreviated as ct or Ct. Sometimes a period is affixed to it. Ct wt or Ct Wt is used if weight is added to the description. Carat is one of the four Cs, the other three being cut, clarity and color. Different carat weights can be found today. Aside from those mentioned earlier, you will also find 0.75 ct. and 0.50 ct. in stores.

The average diamond size in UK and other countries can change anytime. This is also not applicable to the sizes used in other countries.

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