Air Force Pallet Dimensions

The US Air Force pallet dimensions and specifications is known as the 463L cargo system. It was designed by the Air Force specifically to simplify cargo ground handling.

General Data

The pallet is 2 1/4 inches high, 88 inches long and 108 inches wide. Of these, the usable dimensions are 104 inches x 84 inches (W x L). Its empty weight is 290 lbs. The nets’ weight (top and side) is 65 lbs. Its maximum cargo weight is 10,000 lbs and the maximum gross weight is 10,355 lbs. The desired load capacity is 7,500 lbs.


The cargo system was developed so loading in an aircraft is quicker. At the same time it keeps aircraft ground time down. When combined with rails, rollers and vehicle pallets inside the craft, ground time is cut back by more than 70%.

The 463L pallet or master pallet can be positioned sideways into the rollers of a C-141 or C-130. Because of the Air Force pallet dimensions, it will fit in a truck bed when set lengthwise. Its core is balsa wood and corrosion-resistant aluminum protects its surface. Aluminum rails encompass it.

There are twenty two tie down rings at its long sides. These have half a dozen rings connected to them. The short sides have five rings. Notches are present on the rails. These can accommodate rail locks if the pallet is set inside the craft.

Dual Rail System

This system is installed in all military aircraft and airlift that is 463L-capable. The system has roller rows which make it possible for cargo to get inside an aircraft easily. Most of these rollers can be stowed to change the cargo deck to a flat. This is necessary to make it easier for wheeled cargo to get on-board.

The pallet side rails keep the pallet in the aircraft. This gives an extra vertical and lateral restraint. Detent locks are included on the rails. This is to keep the pallet protected once it is in aircraft. These locks keep the pallet from being affected by the craft’s aft and forward movement. The system includes steel sandwich construction for transporting and palletizing.

The Air Force pallet dimensions come with a locking arrangement to keep the cargo safe. The aluminum component includes a fiberglass or wood core. The maximum lb per inch is 250. Note that the system includes the aircraft rail/roller systems. Units have to get their own couplers to keep the pallets secure.

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