G String Sizes

Measurements for g-string sizes are usually the same as those used with the thong. The following are the standard sizes in the US, UK and other countries.

G-String Measurements

The sizes are XSmall, small, medium, large, Xlarge and XXlarge. In the UK, the Xsmall size is 8. In the United States it is 4; in the EU it is 34 and in France it is 36. In Italy the Xsmall size is size 40 and in Australia it is size 8.

The small size is 10 n the UK, 6 in the United States, 36 in the EU and 38 in France. The equivalent in Italy is 42 and in Australia it is 10. The medium g-string size is 12 in the UK, 8 in the United States, 38 in the EU and 40 in France. In Italy it is size 44 and in Australia it is size 12.

The large size is 14 in the UK, 10 in the United States and 40 in the EU. In France it is 42, in Italy it is 46 and in Australia it is 14. The XLarge is 16 in the UK, 12 in the US and 42 in the EU. It is size 44 in France, 48 in Italy and 16 in Australia. XXLarge is 18 in the UK, 14 in the United States and 44 in the EU. The equivalent is 46 in France, 50 in Italy and 18 in Australia.

Other designers use different measurements to get g-string sizes. The Annie l’String of Ft. Lauderdale determines the size by the stitches up the back, up and across the front. Their measurements are 14, 28, 26 for large, 13, 26, 24 for medium and 12, 24, 24 for small.

The mini size is 10, 20 and 24. The micro size is 8, 16, 24 and the pico is the smallest at 6, 12 and 18. Again, the sizes here are evaluated up front, across front and up the rear.


G-strings are made out of leather, plastic or other fabrics. In crochet g-strings, the mesh can be either opaque or transparent. Some are plain see-through while others become see through when wet. G-string sizes rarely have an effect on the tie design.

Some are elastic, but others require the g-string to be tied on both sides. The g-string’s basic design consists of a piece of material that conceals the genitals and fits between the buttocks.

The size of the back section differs. In some cases it disappears within the buttocks; in others it is more visible. The most significant difference between male and female g-strings is that there is a vertical seam in men’s designs.

G-string and Thong

The two are interchanged with one another very often. However the g-string is actually a variant of the thong. Aside from the g-string other types of thong include the T-back, V-string and the C-string.

The g-string sizes mentioned earlier are the most common but not the only ones. Other countries may sell them using different measuring scales.

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