How Big Is Mall of Asia

SM Mall of Asia is the Philippines’ largest mall and according to Forbes magazine; it is the 3rd largest mall in the world.

Just how big is Mall of Asia?

It stands on forty-two hectares of land, with an estimated gross floor area of three hundred ninety and one hundred ninety-three thousand square meters. This translates to roughly about 4.2 million sq. ft. Its total retail floor area is pegged at approximately 407,000 square meters.

With this size, it was estimated that almost two millions cement bags were used to construct this, and forty-four thousand gallons of paint were also used. Approximately two million floor tiles were installed to complete the flooring of the mall.

What this means is that you will probably need several days in order to fully explore and enjoy all the shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities located within the mall’s perimeters.

You also will not have a hard time looking for a parking space when visiting the mall since there are slots to accommodate eight thousand cars per day!


The mall is situated within close distance to the Manila Bay which adds to its attraction. Restaurants surrounding the perimeters of the mall have a clear view of the Manila Bay.

The mall is within the city of Pasay in the Philippines and is close to the SM Central Business Park.

The Philippines’ Firsts Courtesy of SM Mall of Asia

SM Mall of Asia does not only boast of being the largest mall in the Philippines. It also boasts of having several of the Philippines’ “firsts.”

For instance, within the mall you will find an Olympic size ice skating rink, the Philippines’ first ice skating rink of this size and also the first in Southeast Asia.

This ice skating rink is sixty-one by thirty meters and is ideal for skating competitions as well as recreational skating. Thanks to SM Mall of Asia, the Philippines was given the opportunity to host for the very first time an ice skating competition of international level, the 2007 Skate Asia.

Another first that SM Mall of Asia introduced to the country is the IMAX Theater. Before IMAX theaters sprouted in other malls around the country, SM Mall of Asia built it first.

For fun and learning, SM constructed the SM Science Discovery Center now Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center. This is said to be another first, not only in the Philippines but all over the world.

It is said that over three hundred million in Philippine money was spent to construct and complete this discovery center.

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