French Wardrobe Dimensions


A wardrobe is an excellent accessory in the bedroom. Its classic and elegant design instantly adds a bit of sophistication to any bedroom in the house. A wardrobe, also called armoire in French, has been around for centuries now and its earliest form was typically made of oak.

Over time, other types of wood were used in making wardrobes. French wardrobe dimensions back in the day were measured based on the “eight small men” standard.

What this means is that a typical size for wardrobes would fit eight small men inside. Today, the modern wardrobe can come in a variety of sizes depending on the number of doors and drawers.

Wardrobe Sizes

A three-door wardrobe with two drawers measures approximately 36 inches in width by 21 inches in depth by 72 inches in height. There is also a two-door wardrobe with three drawers that measures approximately 84 inches in height by 42 inches in width.

If you would like a French armoire with two doors only, without drawers, the typical size for this is somewhere around 215 centimeters in height by 110 centimeters in width by 60 centimeters in depth.

Other two-door wardrobe sizes are 134 centimeters in width by 67 centimeters in depth by 214 centimeters in height; and 139 centimeters in width by 62 centimeters in depth by 214 centimeters in height.

There are plenty other sizes that wardrobes come in which basically helps you get one that will fit right into the space you have reserved for your armoire. 

Wardrobe Uses

Wardrobes were originally designed to hold clothes and other apparels. These days however, people have turned to wardrobes for other uses. They are now also used to keep other items such as books, DVDs, CDs, and other small items in the bedroom.

Some people even use their wardrobes to keep their electronic gadgets in such as television sets, video and music players. You will find that the versatility of this piece of bedroom furniture make it an ideal addition to any bedroom.

They are not only decorative pieces but they can also be used in a lot of different ways that their functionality and aesthetic appeal have made them a bedroom staple in most homes.

You can view several French wardrobes online where you can see their intricate patterns and exquisite designs, helping you select one that will suit your bedroom décor.

These are also available for purchase online and they cost anywhere from a few hundred Euros up to more than a thousand Euros, depending on the style, design, size and material used to make the wardrobe. 

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