Crutch Size Guide

Crutches can be an invaluable walking aid, but problems can arise if the fit isn’t right. You can find the proper measurements yourself, but it is easier if you get someone to assist you.

How to Find the Right Crutch Size (Underarm Crutch)

Required Materials

  • Underarm crutch
  • An assistant
  • Tape measure

Step 1

Ask the person to put their shoes on. Help them attain a standing position. If the person is too weak to do this, ask them to lie flat on their back.

Step 2

Take the measuring tape and measure at the fold under their arm to an area on the floor a couple of inches ahead and six inches to the side of their foot. This is the measurement to use if the individual is standing up.

If the person is lying down, gauge from the underarm fold’s front down to the heels. Deduct two inches from the measurement. Now you can get the crutches based on the figures you got.

Step 3

After you get the right crutch size, make adjustments to the grips so the elbows can be bent ten to thirty degrees. The adjustments can be made up or down.

Step 4

To ensure the fit is right, check if the top of the crutch is 2 fingers wide from the underarm. When the arms are hanging by the side, the wrists should be at par with the hand grips.

How to Measure Forearm Crutches

Note: the requirements are the same here.

Step 1

Assist the individual in putting their shoes on. Get them to a standing position.

Step 2

Ask the person to bend their elbows. The crease of the wrist has to be even with the hip joint.

Step 3

Get the tape measure and measure three inches under the elbow. To this figure, add the distance between the floor and wrist.

Step 4

Measure at the longest section of the forearm to get the cuff dimensions. Get the crutch based on these figures. Again, you can adjust the crutch if necessary.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure to get the right pair of crutches. Not doing so could affect the person’s balance. At the same time, it could lead to back aches and other health complications.

The importance of choosing the right crutch size cannot be overstated. It will mean the difference between aiding the person or making the condition worse. If you are unsure of the measurements, get someone who can help.

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