How Big is a CD Case?

The CD case dimensions depend on the type of packaging used. There are many storage devices used to hold CDs and DVDs. The following are some of the most commonly utilized today.

The Jewel Case

The jewel case measures 142 mm x 125 mm x 10 mm (5.59 in x 4.92 in x 0.39 in). The volume is 177.5 cm3. It is composed of three pieces. It has been utilized since 1982 when the CD first came out. The jewel case is plastic and has a back card and liner notes.

There are usually six tabs so the liners are secured. Their dimensions are 242 mm x 120 mm (9.53 in x 4.72 in) for a single folded leaf. For a booklet, the dimensions are 120 mm x 120 mm (4.72 in x 4.72 in). The back card measures 150 mm x 118 mm (5.9 in x 4.65 in). The jewel CD case dimensions have remained the same through the years.

The Tyvek / Paper Sleeve

This CD package is simply a paper envelope. It is just big enough to hold the compact disc. Some versions are transparent so you can see the disc design. Many of them are made from spun-bonded polyethylene. Others are made from plastic.

This is not as abrasive as standard paper. But this kind of package is barely used in commercial software. It is too flimsy and does not provide protection for the disc.

Snap Cases

These are made for compact discs and DVDs. The snap case is built according to the size of standard discs. Snap cases are composed of a single-piece plastic tray and closure. This can be closed on the flap front. This design has been superseded by the CD jewel case because it does not offer enough protection for the disc.

Cake boxes

Formally known as spindles, these are the packages used for packaging blank CDs. It is composed of a transparent plastic cup with a post where discs can be placed.

Dummy CDs are stacked on the ends so scratches can be avoided. The size varies. Some can hold 10 discs while others can stack up 100. There are also versions of these available for stacking DVD discs. The physical dimensions of these storage devices vary.

The CD case dimensions specified here are not the only ones available. There are some unique cases that have been manufactured. There are also some Eco-friendly cases. They are made from recycled material.

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