Beer Pony Keg Sizes in Gallons

Beer pony keg sizes in gallons are 7.75 U.S. gallons (29.33 liters) of fluid. It is also known as the quarter barrel. This is 50% of the size of the average beer keg. Its size is approximately a quarter of a barrel, hence the name. It can serve about 82 twelve ounce cups.


These kegs are shaped like a full-sized keg. But in terms of weight, they are easier. But the pony has many features similar to the larger kegs. This means you have to make a deposit after buying. The contents are served using a tap. However, there are some inconveniences as well. The biggest is trying to figure out how much beer is left.

One of the best ways to determine beer pony keg sizes in gallons is by observing its buoyancy. You can also weigh the keg to determine its contents. In spite of some inconveniences, a pony keg is an affordable way to serve beer.

Other Facts about Kegs

A keg is a small barrel. The standard keg is made of wood. Aside from transporting liquids, it is also used for transporting gunpowder and other items. More contemporary kegs are built of aluminum. Those used to transport beer are made of steel or aluminum. Quarter barrels are also used for storing non-carbonated, carbonated and non-alcoholic drinks. When liquids are stored in kegs, they are kept under pressure.

Beer Keg Characteristics

At one end of these kegs is an opening. A spear spans the opening onto the other end. They have a valve that is self-enclosing. A coupling fitting is used for opening the valve. At the top of the spear is a hole where carbon dioxide drives the contents out. The fitting has a valve or two. It is responsible for managing the liquid flow.

Kegs have to be set upright. It means the opening has to be on top. They are not the same as casks. Those have more openings and there is no spear. These two must not be confused.

Euro Keg and DIN Keg

The majority of European countries use 50 liter kegs. In Britain, the average keg is 11 imperial gallons. In the metric system this is equal to 50 liters.

The German DIN 6647-2 and DIN 6647-1 have their kegs defined as 29 and 30 liters. If you are studying beer pony keg sizes in gallons, it is important to keep these other measurements in mind.

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