Birthday Hat Sizes

What’s a party without a hat? Just like adults, children love to Birthday Hatwear various birthday hat sizes on a birthday party. Obviously, if you watch children wearing them, you would see that it really adds to the gaiety and fun of the occasion.

So if you’re hosting children’s birthday parties at home, you may want to shell out some money for different birthday hat sizes and help make that special day more memorable for your child and your child’s young guests.

There is a wide range of options for this.

Handmade Hats

For inexpensive options, this is the type of party hat that you would probably choose when your budget is on a shoestring. Handmade hats usually have their own sizes that you choose to build it with. You can either follow the specific measurements of around 14 inches tall with a diameter of its brim at about 12 inches. Or, you may pattern this with the measurements of around 4.88 by 4.67 (which is equivalent to 124 by 119mm).

For your handmade hats, you can decorate it with ribbons having about 3/8 inches. Other items that you can add include stickers, beads, sequins, yarn, fringe trim, pom poms, jewels, and many more. As they say, leave it to your imagination and choose what you would prefer to dress your party hats with.

Disposable Store Bought Hats

Disposable hats are pretty convenient since you can easily discard it when you’re finished using them. Compared to the handmade version, this is the next best thing to spending less.

Most of these party hats can be bought from party stores, discount stores, or even online sites. Some are sized around 48 by 36 by 34 cm. Some have a height of about 24cm. Others have around 7 inches for its size.

Birthday Hat Tradition

A birthday hat tradition hat would be perfect if it has the specifications in measurement at around 9 by 18 inches.

For first birthdays, a smaller size is most appropriate to fit the head of your child. Certain dimensions such as 5.75 inches by 9.125 inches are convenient.

These types of party hats are typically store bought and depict a family tradition in the household.

If you like this option, you must be sure to get a washable model that can be easily cleaned so you can use the hats again and again as part of your family tradition.

Most of these birthday hat sizes are meant to be used by children so it would be a good idea to keep this in mind if you are planning a kid’s party next time.

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