Worlds Biggest Airport

The world’s biggest airport is determined using four methods: traffic movements, passenger traffic, international passenger traffic and cargo traffic. All four will be listed here.

Airports by Traffic Movements (2010 Year to Date)

The busiest is Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport with 717,001. It is in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. In second place is O'Hare International Airport with 662,018. The airport is in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

The third spot is occupied by Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, United States. The total movements are 488,570. Number four is Denver International Airport with 473,035. It is in Denver, Colorado, United States. Los Angeles International Airport is number five with 433,452.

Airports by Passenger Traffic (2010 Year to Date)

Using this criteria, the world’s biggest airport would be Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport with 6,075,694. At number two is Beijing Capital International Airport with 55,286,054. It is in Chaoyang, Beijing, China.

The third spot is occupied by O'Hare International Airport. The total passenger traffic is 50,253,644. At number four is London Heathrow Airport in Hillingdon, Greater London, England, United Kingdom. The total is 49,717, 240. Tokyo International Airport is at number five with 47,634,644.

Airports by International Passenger Traffic (2010 Year to Date)

The number one spot belongs to London Heathrow Airport with a total of 40,239,190 passengers. At number two is Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport in Roissy-en-France, Val d'Oise, Ile-de-France, France. The passengers total 35,526,374.

At third place is Hong Kong International Airport with 33,178,000 passengers. It is in Chek Lap Kok, New Territories, Hong Kong. The fourth slot is held by Frankfurt Airport with 30,636,917 passengers. It is in Flughafen (Frankfurt am Main), Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany. At number five is Dubai International Airport with 30, 275,671 passengers.

Airports by Cargo Traffic (2009)

Number one is Memphis International Airport with a total of 3,697,054 metric tons. It is in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. At second place is Hong Kong International Airport. The total cargo is 3,385,313 metric tons.

The third spot belongs to Shanghai Pudong International Airport with 2,543,394 metric tons of cargo. At the fourth spot is Incheon International Airport in Incheon, Seoul National Capital Area, South Korea. The total cargo for 2009 is 2,313,001 metric tons. At number five is Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport with 2,054,515 metric tons.

Whichever criteria are used to determine the world’s biggest airport, expect the figures to change. It will likely increase as air travel becomes more affordable.

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