Barge Sizes

A barge can refer to any type of boat used for carrying freight. The specifications of these vessels will vary depending on its purpose. Other vessels will not necessarily match the specs given here.

Dimensions of a Barge: Sea Horse

The length is 107.6′ and the breadth over guards is 42′. The depth molded is 7′. The fuel capacity is 14,000 gal. The freshwater capacity is 3,000 gal. The hold capacity is 1,200 ft. The barge can hold up to 13 crew members.

The deck consists of 3/8" steel with 4" X 12" plank, 40′ X 60′. There are 20′ containers close to the wheelhouse, and there is a 48" Moon Pool.

The machine shop includes 1-50kw, 1-30kw, 1-20kw generators, a drill press and 7.5 X 12" lathe. There are also air compressors, acetylene cutting and welding. There is a 250 AMP welder and hydraulic hose crimp machine.

Dimensions of a Barge: Energy 13501

The barge is 445.0 ft long and the beam is 78.0 ft. The deadweight is 19 19,683. The barge is OPA ’90 compliant. The construction is double hull steel and has Fore/Aft (P&S) Yokohama fenders and slides.

There are quarters with room for four people. Additional features includes a ballast system, overfill shutdown, centralized remote gauging and heating coils. The barge also has VHF radio and is capable of sending and receiving email. The cargo tank capacity is 135,380 Bbls. The tons per inch immersion is 77 LT/in.

Dimensions of a Barge: Energy 13502

This double hull barge is 445.0 ft long with a beam measuring 78 ft. The deadweight is 19,683 LT. The tons per inch immersion is 77 LT/In. The cargo tank capacity is 135,000 Bbls.

The cargo tank capacity (max at 1′ Ullage) is 132,000 Bbls. The connection flange size is 10-inch ANSI flange, while the discharge rate is 10,000 BPH total at 100 PSI Rail. The pump prime movers are 2 x vertical electric motors. The electrical generators are 3 x CAT 3412 IMO-compliant. The bow thruster is Brunvoll FU-63-LTC-1750.

Dimensions of a Barge: Luxemotor

The barge measures 21 m x 4 m. The air draught is 9’ at the wheelhouse top. The hull base plate is 12.5mm and the chimes are 8mm. The hull sides are 6mm, the superstructure is 5mm and the bulkheads 5mm. The main diesel tank can hold 350 gallons.

The aux diesel tank is good for 130 gallons and the fresh water tank for 300 gallons. The electrical system is 24V and the engine is Perkins Diesel M92B. Other features include a depth sounder, diesel transfer pump, GPS, a deck intercom system and electric anchor wash.

There is also a washing machine, microwave oven and tumble dryer. Other features are tank gauges, showers and heating boilers. There is also a fridge and a cooker.

The dimensions of a barge are only one aspect to consider. The engine specs, fuel capacity and the other extra features have to be assessed to see if it will be able to do the task required.

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