Bf Goodrich Tires Sizes

As they say, boys will be boys. For big boys, their best toy is their car. The performance of their ride is usually equated to their machismo. That’s why, it is important for any man to have a car that is explicitly stylish, efficient, and comfortable to ride.

Getting Good Tires

In order for you to maximize the performance of your car, you must know how to pick the right kind of tires and the right sizes that will make you realize your goals. Tires are not made the same as many things about your car. You have the liberty to choose what kind of tires to install to attain a specific ride preference.

Although they are often overlooked, it cannot be stressed enough that tires form part of the most important facets of your car. You should pour in much care and attention choosing them so you get what you want for your favorite toy as a full-grown adult.

BF Goodrich has a variety of tire types that will fit every kind of ride. It comes in a wide range of sizes so you will not find it difficult to find one that fits. For those who are not privy about tire sizes, here is a useful guideline:

Tire sizes are usually characterized by not just numbers but a combination of letters and numbers. P225/50/R16 is a usual format that you will see BF Goodrich tires in. The P means passenger. Most commonly, tires are classified as passenger tires. 225 is the actual width of the tire from side to side. This measurement is in millimeters. In this case, the tire measures 225 millimeters. To know if this kind of tire fits your car, you should take note of the size of your wheel, which is normally in inches. You have to convert the width of your tire to inches, therefore, to know if it fits right. Generally, this does not have to be a perfect match. You can run a 225mm tire in a 7in wheel and they are considered a perfect match. 50 is the aspect ratio of height to width. R means radial while 16 stands for the wheel diameter in inches.

If you are unsure whether or not you are picking the perfect tire, you can simply look at the print on your old one and get the same. If you want to be surest, ask a professional to assist you in replacing or buying new tires for your ride.

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