Dimensions of a Tachometer

Tachometer sizes differ, with some weighing a pound or two. Some tachometers weigh 110 grams, but remember that these weights are usually for the device only. Components that are attached to it will increase its weight and overall size.

Basic Facts about the Tachometer

At its most basic configuration, the tachometer is used to gauge the speed of the car (or any moving object for that matter). The typical tachometer is designed as a dial with a needle.

The needle is used to indicate the present reading. It is also used to denote the dangerous and safe levels. However, there are now tachometers that show the results numerically. These types are becoming popular as they are easier to read.

Tachometers in Cars

In spite of the tachometer sizes difference, it remains essentially a device that gauges the speed which a device rotates. The best example is the tachometer on car dashboards.

In this instance, it is used to determine the RPM (revolutions per minute) of the engine drive shaft. Keeping an eye on the RPMs is crucial because running it too high may lead to engine failure.


The tachometer can also be used in various ways. It can be connected to the engine drive shaft so the engine revs can be gauged. The device may also be used to determine the rate the ignition system produces sparks for the engine.

The typical tachometer needs to have contact with the device being gauged. If this can’t be done, a laser tachometer may be used instead. The laser tachometer can measure from distances by using a light beam on the rotating object.

The tachometer determines the speed by the rate which the beam reflects back. These tachometers can be handheld or integrated into the system.

Troubleshooting Tachometers

If the tachometer isn’t working, examine the fuse. If it’s blown, the tachometer won’t work. If you suspect it’s the wiring, try another tachometer. If the other tachometer works, then the wiring is the problem.

You should also check the user manual. It may have a troubleshooting section that can resolve these issues. Make it a point to examine the device every now and then. Faulty connections can damage it.

The different tachometer sizes and styles means you can choose from a variety of options. You can find several of these on the Internet, so ordering will be easy. Many are also available at reasonable prices.

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