USB Extension Cable Maximum Length

The maximum USB extension cable length is 5 meters (16 ft). But if the user cascades five hubs with USB cables 5 m long, it can be hooked with a device 30 meters away. A USB cable is used to connect hardware and peripherals to computers. But if the distance is great, the extension cable has to be used. Here are some suggestions for those who are going to buy a USB extension cable.

Measure the Distance

The first step is to measure the distance from the device and the computer. This is necessary because USB cables are sold in different lengths. Any tape measure should do fine. As a rule, it’s better to get a cable that is a bit longer than the measurement you get. This way you can adjust the computer’s location without having to buy another cable.

Connection Options

Determine whether you’ll connect the extension cable to the ports on the computer and hardware or if it will be plugged with the cable. Your decision here will determine what kind of connectors will be necessary for the extension cable. Whether you get the maximum USB extension cable length or not, this step is necessary.

Examine the Computer Ports

Don’t forget to check the USB ports on the hardware device and your computer. You should also check the free end of the extension cable you want to buy. There are two kinds used: the A type and B type. The A types are more widely used.

The cable port here has a rectangular shape and ½ inches wide. The B type connectors are square and about 1/3 inch thick. By examining the ports on your computer, you won’t make mistakes with your purchase.

Male and Female Extension Cable Connectors

The male extension cable connectors are necessary if you will be hooking it up directly to the hardware and computer. This type of connector is plugged into the USB port. Both ends are male.

If you are going to use the provided cable plus the extension, look for an extension cable with one female and one male end. The provided cable is inserted into the hardware USB port. The other end is inserted into the extension cable’s female end. The male end is inserted into the extension cable in the computer USB port.

These guidelines can be used whether you use the maximum USB extension cable length or not. Just make sure the right connectors are used.

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