Truck Bed Dimensions for a Nissan Titan Truck

The truck bed dimensions for a Nissan Titan truck (King Cab) are 63.8 (W) x 19.9 (D) x 79.3 (L) inches. However, the other specifications differ because there are several versions of this full-size pickup available.


The curb weight is 5,038 lb (2,285 kg). The height of the LE King Cab 2WD SWB is 74.8 in (1,900 mm) while the 2008-present King Cab 2WD SWB is 74.6 in (1,895 mm). The 2008-present LE King Cab 4×4 SWB is 76.4 in (1,941 mm) and the Pro-4X King Cab 4×4 SWB is 76.6 in (1,946 mm). The width of the 2008-present is 79.5 in (2,019 mm) while the 2004-07 is 78.8 in (2,002 mm) wide.

The LWB is 244.3 in (6,205 mm) long, while the 2008-present SWB is 224.6 in (5,705 mm). The 2004-07 is 224.2 in (5,695 mm). The wheelbase is 159.4 in (4,049 mm) for the LWB and for the SWB it is 139.8 in (3,551 mm). While the truck bed dimensions for a Nissan Titan truck may vary a bit, some specs will remain the same. These include 5-speed automatic transmission, 5.6 L VK56DE V8 engine and front engine, rear-wheel drive / four-wheel drive layout.

Main Features

Their engines are capable of producing 385 ft lb.ft of torque and 317 hp (305 hp on 2004-2006 models). The Titan pickups also have boxed ladder frames. They are sold as a shift on the fly four wheel drive system or rear wheel drive. There is also an automatic brake limited slip for these pickups.

You can choose from a Crew Cab or a King Cab. They all have full size back seats. The cab has an 8′ or bed. Several models are in the market including the SL, Pro-4x, SV and S. The SV is classified as a mid-level truck.

Other Information

The S is a basic pickup. The PRO-4X is for off-roads. The SL is a luxury pickup. There are many features in these pickups. These include sunroof, traction control, Pro-4X Off-road package, side airbags and DVD player with screen.

You can also find some of these pickups with Bluetooth and rear sonar warning system. Some models have lockable bedside storage box and utili-track bed rail system. They also have power adjustable pedals.

While the truck bed dimensions for a Nissan Titan truck are important, you also need to take these other factors into consideration. The information stated above can give you a headstart.

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