Yacht Dimensions

Yacht sizes usually start at 20 feet and reach up to hundreds of feet. Those below 40 feet are usually referred to as cabin cruisers. YachtLarger ones (over 100 ft) are known as mega yachts. Super yachts are those that reach up to 200 ft or more. The smallest ones are called sailboats.

Day Sailing Yachts

The dry sailing yachts do not exceed 20 ft. The keel is retractable. These are usually used for a few hours, so they rarely come with cabins. In place of it is a cabby. The cabby is a raised component of the hull. It’s used to store equipment. It can also act as a shield from rain and some strong winds.

Weekend Yachts

The yacht size for this type start from 20 up to 30 ft. They are equipped with a couple of keels and can work in shallow water. The design allows it to stay up even with no water. These can be used for short journeys (2 to 3 days).

They come with a cabin. It usually has one saloon and sleeping space for two or three individuals. There is also room for a galley. The weekend yachts also have space for storing food items. They also have a single mast.

Cruising Yachts

The size ranges from 25 to 45 ft. They are among the most popular yacht types today. While the yacht size is constant, the features vary. Usually it has a tear drop hull with a single fin keel. These are designed for use by families and numerous individuals. There are usually three double berth cabins. The saloon has a galley with sophisticated navigation tools. There is also a comfort room.

Large Cruisers

The cruisers start from 50 ft in length. As with cruising yachts, designs vary greatly. Buyers can have these customs built. Common models have wood paneling. These cruisers have the capability to travel thousands of miles. On the average, the speed is 6 knots.

Luxury Sailing Yachts

The yacht size begins at 80 ft and go on from there. These yachts are composed of different materials, with fiberglass hulls becoming common. The features of each yacht vary considerably. Those that are 100 ft or more come with TVs, air conditioning and other conveniences.

A lot of these yachts come with electronics that can control the sails. They also come with complex navigation guides and GPS systems. Hot water and refrigerators are common features in large yachts. Other features like radar and autopilot are now commonplace. These yachts also come with chargers and an assortment of power generators.

Racing Yachts

Racing yachts are modeled differently. Unlike private yachts, these are designed for speed. The size will depend on the crew aboard. The number can be anywhere from 15 to 30. Designs and specifications vary, depending on the racing competition. The components of these racing yachts also differ.

Anyone who is interested in buying need to look at the yacht sizes first. At the same time, their features should be considered as well.

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