Yukon Xl Dimensions

Yukon Xl dimensions and specifications depend on the model. These vehicles are part of the Chevrolet Suburban line. The line became known as Yukon XL under the GMC rebranding.

Tenth Generation (2000–2006)

Also known as the GMT800, it has a wheelbase of 130.0 in (3,302 mm). The length is 219.3 in (5,570 mm) and the width is 78.8 in (2,002 mm) – 79.8 in (2,027 mm). It is 73.3 in (1,862 mm for the 2000–02 Chevy 1500 4WD. It is 77.1 in (1,958 mm) for the Yukon XL 2500 4WD.

These are also known as the Cadillac Escalade ESV. The Yukon IL dimensions allow it to use 8.1 L (496 cu in) Vortec V8, 6.0 L (364 cu in) Vortec V8 and 5.3 L (325 cu in) Vortec V8 engines. The transmission is 4-speed automatic. These models were produced in 1999. Two types became available, the 3/4-ton 2500 and 1/2-ton 1500.

Three trims were made: LT, LS and Base. In 2000, the 7.4 L V8 and 5.7 L engines were replaced by the 6.0 L (364 cu in) and 5.3 L (325 cu in) in the 2500 and 1500 series. Among their most notable features are autoride suspension on the LT, 4 wheel disc brakes, electronic climate control for the LT models and new instrument panels.

The models also have a spare tire under the vehicle. In older versions it is located at the cargo area. They also have engine hour meters and driver message centers. Older features were also upgraded.

11th Generation (2007–present)

The 4 door SUV has a 130.0 in (3,302 mm wheelbase and 76.8 in (1,951 mm) height. The length is 222.4 in (5,649 mm) and the width is 79.1 in (2,009 mm). These models are known for their contemporary appearance which did away with the boxy look. This design is a continuation of the 2007 Yukons and Tahoes. They have 9 passenger seats. Some models have been redesigned to be used by the police.

US Sales

The sales for 2010 are 23,797 units. For 2009, it was 16,819, and for 2008 it was 26,404. The sales for 2007 were 45,303 and for 2006 were 45,413. The figures for 2005 were 53,652 and for 2004 were 65,917.

While Yukon Xl dimensions differ, all models are recognized for their safety features. In 20008, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration accorded it five stars for the side driver/passenger and frontal driver/passenger categories.

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