What is The Smallest Car GPS?


The smallest car GPS is the Garmin vQuest Receiver. It is 4.5 in wide, 2.2 in high and 0.9 in deep. It weighs 5.5 oz. 

Garmin Quest Receiver Specifications 

The cold acquisition times are 45 seconds and the warm acquisition time is 15 seconds. This GPs system can be used on cars and also motorcycles. This 12 channel receiver has a velocity of 0.05 m/sec (accuracy position: 15 sec; position 3 m with WAAS). 

The unit comes with voice for navigation and warnings. The Garmin Quest has POIs installed with 115 MB of built-in memory. The included maps are for the United States. It is compatible with MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager, MapSource MetroGuide, BlueChart and US TOPO. 

The smallest car GPS has 50 navigation routes, 10,000 track log points and 500 navigation waypoints. Among the points of interest are hotels, restaurants and others. To enable the voice guided instructions, the included speaker must be used. 


The Garmin Quest can get your average speed, the total trip distance and also the fastest and shortest routes available. The display type is LCD and the resolution is 240 x 160. It supports color and has display illumination. 

The connection is USB. The battery life is 20 hours. The Garmin Quest is water resistant. The minimum operating temperature is 5 F and the maximum is 140 F. 

The Garmin Quest’s design is small enough you can insert it in your pocket. But even if it is small, it is durable. It can withstand being immersed in 3 feet of water for up to half an hour. The backlight feature allows you to read the smallest car GPS regardless of the location. 

The TomTom Go GPS

The TomTom is also one of the tiniest GPS devices around, measuring 4.5 x 3.6 x 2.2 inches. This is a Linux based navigation system for in-car navigation. The unit has the ability to determine location in tunnels and high-rise buildings. 

The TomTom Go GPS can also read local maps from detachable SD cards. The included regional maps offer flat and 3D views of the location. Points of interest like restaurants and gas stations are indicated by icons. 

A user can also type an address. The system will then help you get their using maps, written directions or voice commands. The unit supports various languages including Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish and many more. 

Other Features 

If there’s a road obstacle, there are rerouting options. There are also numerous display modes available including options when the lighting is low. It uses a lithium battery good for five hours of operation. 

The unit boots from a 32 MB flash memory card. A car kit can be fitted that allows it to be connected to your vehicle’s stereo. The package includes the power supply, a loudspeaker and a USB port. 

While these are the smallest car GPS around, you can expect these devices to get smaller as manufacturers strive for portability. At the same time, you can expect the features to become even more powerful. 

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