Average Baby Blanket Dimensions

The average baby blanket dimensions are 2 to 3 square feet. Other blankets measure 3 x 3 feet. There are other sizes available. Unless it is very cold, newborns do not require thick blankets.


The purpose of a blanket is to keep a baby warm. It also provides a sense of security for infants. Blankets differ not just in size, but in style and colors too. Different materials are used. Flannel and cotton are two of the most popular, but faux animal skin and linen are also trendy. Some of the more expensive blankets are made of lace or satin.

Pertinent Features

If you are a first time buyer, here are some things worth remembering. Quality blankets are comprised of a solid fabric piece. Stay away from blankets that are loosely knit. Blankets may look alike, but their weights vary. Even those average baby blanket dimensions have different weights. Avoid heavy blankets; light ones will make your baby more comfortable.


Receiving blankets are used for newborns. These blankets can be used whether babies are awake or asleep. Receiving blankets must also be breathable. Ideally, the blanket has to be one hundred percent cotton. Most of these blankets are machine washable. Fleece and thermal blankets are also gaining in popularity. These two are used to keep babies warm during sleep. These blankets are durable and comfortable. There are also customized and personalized blankets.

The majority of these blankets are quick drying. Because babies wet often, blankets have to be washable. Afghans and quilts are also classified as blankets for infants. Quilts are best for cold weather. Their thickness will keep babies warm. Afghans and quilts are ideal during the winter. Afghans come in different styles and designs. Many of them are especially made for babies.


Make sure the blankets can fit under the crib mattress. This removes the possibility of your baby getting tangled up in the blanket. The blanket must be light but durable. Your baby will try to rip it apart, so it must strong. These blankets can be purchased in baby specialty stores and online.

Prices will vary. But you may get discounts if you buy several blankets. This also cuts down shipping costs. If you’re going to buy light blankets and quilts, it’s best to get them at the same time.

Many parents prefer to use average baby blanket dimensions. But you don’t have to follow the rules. You have to decide what is best for your baby.

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