What is the Size of Grand Canyon?

Grand CanyonSize of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon truly reflects an inconceivable beauty and majesty. Not only does it have an amazing size but it is also one of the seven wonders of the world. The covered surface area of the place is about 1,218.375 acres or equivalent to 1,904 square miles.

Located in northwestern Arizona on the Colorado, the Grand Canyon is about 277 miles long with a width of 18 miles wide and a depth of 5,000 feet deep. The size of the canyon cuts all the way through the Colorado Plateau with an elevation of about 5,000 and 9,000 feet above the sea level.

The Colorado River is responsible for shaping the Grand Canyon for over millions of years. The size of the canyon is mostly measured according to the length of the Colorado River starting from its eastern-most end going to its western-most end.

The canyon officially starts from what is called Lee’s Ferry. It’s located below Glen Canyon Dam, which actually makes up Lake Powell. The canyon finally ends at the location Lake Mead, or Grand Walsh Cliff to be exact.

The North and South Rim

The canyon is actually composed of two rims, namely the north rim and the south rim. You will travel an average distance of around 10 miles if you travel from one rim to the other. However, depending on which trail you take, you can travel between rims from five miles at least to as much as 18 miles. One trail will lead you to a strenuous three day hike and the other will make you drive 212 miles.

Elevation at the Rim

You’ll usually want to visit each rim since you’ll get quite an impressive aerial view. If you look over the North Rim you’ll find yourself at an elevation of 8,000 feet, which is its highest peak. You’ll have to go to Point Imperial in order to take an aerial view from that height.

However, the South Rim also presents its own astounding views at an average elevation of 6,800 feet. The highest point in the South Rim is called the Grand View Point that stands at a height of 7,400 feet. Now, measuring the elevation of the Grand Canyon from the Colorado River’s bottom will give you an average of about 2,200 feet. The North Rim is higher than the South Rim by about 1,000 to 1,200 feet.

A Wonder to Behold

Knowing the dimensions of the Grand Canyon will help you appreciate just how vast and beautiful it is. Its mere size leaves one at awe at the majesty of nature. The spectacular views and scenes are reward enough for those who truly love nature’s wonders.

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