What is the Size of Cross Country Skis?

Cross country skiing is one of the popular sports come winter. People from various walks of life and different ages can enjoy this very versatile sport. Enthusiasts can blaze trails, enjoy the challenge of a race, or even just take their leisurely time on the snow. Of course, the big question that we all have to answer before getting some fun in the snow is getting the right sized cross country skis.

Factors to Consider

There are two important factors to consider when buying cross country skis. First off, you will have to consider the type of skiing you will be doing. Second, you will have to determine the right ski length according to your weight. Getting the right size and dimensions of your skis will be crucial since it will have a direct impact on your performance on the snow.

Type of Ski by Cross Country Skiing Activity

As mentioned earlier, one of the important factors to consider is the type of cross country skiing activity you will engage in. For instance, if you prefer to engage in compact touring then all you will need is a pair of standard size skis for cross country skiing. You’ll generally be going over groomed trails so there will be fewer challenges to be met.

On the other hand, classic cross country skiing will require longer skis. Note that compact touring skis are a lot fatter than classic touring skis. Skate style skiing are designed for something like inline skating. The skis that are used for skate style cross country skiing are designed for racing. These skis are much shorter than the two aforementioned skis. This type of ski will also be a lot stiffer by comparison.

Backcountry cross country skis will be a different type of skis altogether. These skis are designed for making trails. The folks who engage in this sport are those who enjoy treading on rarely groomed trails. The skis that are designed for backcountry cross country skiing are shorter but beefier than the other skis mentioned here. They are also outfitted with metal edges to make them sturdier in the face of more difficult terrain.

Sizing by Height and Weight

To get the approximate classic touring ski size, multiply your height in inches by 2.6 then add 15 to the result. Compact touring on the other hand will require you to factor in your weight. Skiers who weigh less than 140 lbs should get skis that are 160 to 160 centimeters.

Skiers who weigh from 132 to 185 pounds should get skis that are 170 to 175 centimeters in length. Skiers who weigh 176 to 209 pounds should get 185 to 185 centimeter long skis. Skiers who weigh more than 209 pounds should get skis that are 185 to 195 centimeters long.

Skating cross country skiing will require skiers to factor in their height. You should take your height in inches then multiply it by 2.6 and then add five. That will be the approximate size of your cross country skis.

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