Above Ground Propane Tank Sizes

Some of the more common above ground propane tank sizes are the 150, 250, 500 and 1000 gallon type. Their specifications are described below.

Propane Tank Specifications

The 1000 gallon tank weighs 1750 lbs and has a diameter of 41″. It is 190″ long. The 500 gallon is 120″ long with a 37″ diameter and weighs 950 lbs. The 250 gallon is 92″ long and weighs 485 lbs. Its diameter is 30″. 150 gallon tanks weigh 320 lbs. and have a diameter of 25″. Their length is 85″.


Propane has been traditionally used as rural fuel, but many are now using them in lieu of electricity. Their use in residential homes depends on the weather and the demands during winter.

Regions in the US have varying weather patterns, so there will be different above ground propane tank sizes required. Areas with warm climates need less fuel and heat than those in cold areas. That is the reason why climate is one of the major factors to assess.

Factors to Consider

There are several of them. Among the most important are propane appliances BTU loads, geographical location and a pool heater. Pools that use propane have a high BTU. When it comes to geographical location, remember the following. A small house in a cold place will need a big propane tank. Another factor that comes into play is your home’s total square footage.

Residential homes have different sizes. But today’s companies can match up home requirements with tanks fairly accurately. Aside from the factors mentioned, the tank specs will depend on the area/region demand and the heating load.

Other Information

Propane tanks dimensions can be used to keep their prices from spiraling up. This is done by boosting the available storage volume via a new and bigger tank installation. This gives you the chance to stock up on more fuel when the price is low. So when the prices go up, you don’t have to buy new supplies. In other words, a bigger tank allows you to store more fuel. This can be handy during the winter.

If you use propane tanks for heating, cooking and appliances, you will need an extra amount. Tanks for commercial use are much bigger. Many commercial tanks are stored underground due to their specs.

Knowing above ground propane tank sizes will help you when it comes to the selection. But the company you will buy from can also help in choosing.

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