Water Heater Dimensions

To get yourself a water heater to use at home, you may have to bear in mind that there are a lot of Water Heaterchoices open to you with regards to the types of heaters for sale and the water heater dimensions you have to take note of.

The Types of Water Heaters:

Direct-Fire Tank Water Heaters

These water heaters use a direct input of heat from gas, oil, or electricity. This is how it maintains the temperature of the heater water.

Included in the Direct-Fire Water Heater: The Gas Water Heaters

Gas is used to heat water for these types of heaters. These are known to heat water in a quicker manner and also help maintain the stability of the temperature of the water. The water heater dimensions for these are: 25 5/8 inches for height, 13 7/8 inches for width, and a depth of 9 7/8 inches. There are also other dimensions that are available if you like.

Included in the Direct-Fire Water Heater: The Oil Water Heater

Water heaters using oil to heat water are a little expensive than the gas or electric. Their typical dimensions are: 916 x 470 x 517 mm.

Included in the Direct-Fire Water Heater: The Electric Tank Water Heaters

Electric tank water heaters or storage tank water heaters hold water in gallons. There are two kinds of this type: The closed and the open. You can use this anytime no matter what kind of weather you have. Dimensions for this kind are: 43 x 5/8 inches, 26 by 1/4 inches, 36 by 1/4 inches and more for 50 gallons; 57 by 11/16, 28 by 1/4 and 49 by 1/2, to name a few, for eighty five gallons; and for 120 gallons, you would have around 67 by 5/8, 30 by 1/4, 58 by 3/4, and more.

Tankless (On-Demand) Water Heaters

Tankless or on-demand heaters for water are also called instantaneous water heaters. There is no need to use a storage tank for these types. A good choice would be 20 inches for its height, 14 inches for its weight, and 6 inches deep.

Solar Water Heaters

From its name solar water heaters, you can easily guess that these models use the sun’s energy to heat water. Its many choices for the dimensions include: 1088mm x 1940mm, 1580mm x 1940mm, 2068 x 1940mm for its length and width.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

This is a small pump which can heat water. These devices have great advantages: They are more efficient than a typical electric water heater, and some types are known to remove heat from the air to heat water. A suitable size to go for its length, width, and height would be 850mm x 295mm x 608mm.

There may seem to be a handful of water heater dimensions to remember. To help you choose, it’s best to first narrow down your choices with the type of water heater you would like to have, then, go ahead and check the appropriate dimensions you would prefer.

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