Truck Bed Dimensions for a Dodge Short Bed

Truck bed dimensions for a Dodge short bed depends on the model. The SB RC from 1972 to 93 is 79 1/4 long and 72 inches wide and 23 inches high. The 1972-93 Stepside has the same length and height, but it is 63 inches wide. Other versions like the SB RC 1500 and SB 4 DR 1500 are 79 inches long, 23 inches high and 72 inches wide.

Comparison with Other Bed Sizes

The majority of these pickup trucks can be hooked to different beds. Whether the bed is short or long, the lengths state the distance between the closed tailgate and inside of the front end of the bed. Also keep in mind that the dimensions expressed are approximate. The bed lengths vary per manufacturer. The trucks in the Dodge line are now called Ram trucks.


The truck bed dimensions for a Dodge short bed vary because there are several variants. The current line consists of the 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500, heavy duty, and chassis cab Ram. The 1500 line includes the Laramie Longhorn, Laramie, Sport, Big Horn, Lone Star, Sport R/T, Outdoorsman, SLT, Express, Tradesman and the ST. The former models include the Dodge B Series (1948–1953), Dodge Dakota (1987–2011) and the Dodge Ram 50 (1981–1993 as rebadged Mitsubishi Forte).

The Ram trucks used to be called the Ram Truck Division. The line consists of medium to light trucks. This line was set up as a Chrysler subsidiary in 2009. Today the company produces several trucks.

Fourth Generation Ram

These models were released during the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The lineup includes the 5500, 4500, 3500 and 2500 models. The 2009 variant has had several upgrades. Among the new features installed include the new hemi engine, suspension, four-door cab style and the Rambox. Equipped with the 4.7 L (287 cu in) PowerTech V8 engine, it can produce 310 bhp (230 kW).

Some of these tucks have the Mega Cab option. But others are fitted with the standard types. The 2500/3500 models have the Mega Cab feature. Electronic Shift On-the-Fly is included with all the models. However, some Dodge Wagons have manual transmission.

Research on truck bed dimensions for a Dodge short bed can take some time. Remember to check the specifications. Some of these models are sold with long beds. Taking the time to check them out can prevent a lot of problems with the purchase.

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