Size of Cigarette Lighter Plug Accessories

The sizes of cigarette lighter plug accessories depend on the accessory. The extension cable that comes with some plugs can be 12’ or 14’ long. Some are quite short, 2 ft or so. The sizes for the clip-on adapters will also vary. These lighters can be used for lighting different 12VDC devices.

How to Wire the Adapter Plug

The first step is to find a suitable location and install it. The required hardware will be part of the kit. You may have to drill some holes, so be careful. To power the outlet, choose an accessory terminal in the fuse area box.

If needed, use the piggyback connectors to increase the terminals. Be certain the wire or terminal is live only when the car is running.

Whatever the sizes of cigarette lighter plug accessories is, always use the outlet included with the outlet. If this isn’t possible, ensure the wire gauge is appropriate.

Positive and Negative Wires

The positive wires are usually red and must reach from the outlet to the fuse box. The negative is green or black. They only have to reach the nearest ground. Now hook the positive wire on the outlet center terminal and the fuse box.

Link the negative wire from ground to the internal metal sleeve or the body of the 12VDC power outlet. There are outlets that utilize screws, but others rely on scrimp on terminals. It will vary per kit.


Check the device you want to connect to it. Before connecting, check the input jack polarity. You will find this information on the documentation. Now you just have to wire the center connector at the adapter on the device’s positive input jack. Once everything is in place, the device should be charged properly.

Other Information

Check the specifications of each product before using it. Some are made for low current applications only. For example, some cables can be used for mp3 players and IPhones. The more powerful cables can be used for air compressors and high powered lights.

Some of these devices can also be used for charging tool batteries. But make sure that the wire is thick enough. If the cable is too long, you should twist and tie the cable so it does not get in the way.

The sizes of cigarette lighter plug accessories are not the only things you should consider. The quality of the material must also be accounted for.

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