Size of a Yoga Mat

Yoga is a very interesting exercise. It not only keeps you fits but also gives you an opportunity to control your mind and body.

Basically, Yoga is an exercise based on Hindu discipline. It helps keeps not just physical but mental health. With the help of Yoga, you will be able to manage your stress and enjoy emotional stability.

If you are already convinced that Yoga is the best exercise for you to get into, you need to decide on the size of a Yoga mat that you should use. Aside from learning the exercise system that is Yoga, you also need to be equipped with the right materials. That is to ensure that this will be a positive experience all around.

Size of a Yoga Mat

Yoga mats vary widely in size. The length range is between 68 inches to 84 inches. The standard size is 68 inches long but you can easily pick anything longer than that depending on your personal need and requirements.

If lengths vary, the width of Yoga mats is usually the same, about 24 inches wide. The thickness is at least 4mm thick. Anything thinner than 4mm will be uncomfortable. Some postures even require more than 4mm of thickness so as the older persons who practice Yoga.

The Significance of Size

You see, a Yoga mat is an important equipment. In fact, it is the most significant among the Yoga supplies you will need as you immerse yourself in this activity. Choosing your Yoga mat has a lot to say about your comfort and your ease in performing the routines.

Although there is a standard size of a Yoga mat, it is up to you to choose whatever size you like as long as you keep the following considerations in mind:

* Your Yoga mat must be in a size that could carry you in a pose such as the Downward Dog.

* If you are thinking of ease and comfort, keep in mind that a longer mat is ideal, especially in performing flow poses. There is very little chance of you slipping.

* When there is a need to lie on the floor face flat, a longer mat will also help provide cushion so your face is not on the cold floor.

* In terms of storage, a longer mat would be more difficult to manage.

The key, really, is to find a size that will match your need and your personal requirement. Buying a shorter or longer mat has its pros and cons.

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