Concrete Saw Dimensions


There are many concrete saw sizes but 14 inches is probably the most common. When you shop for the concrete saw, keep in mind that the size referred to in the specifications is often the blade. 

Concrete Saw Information 

This is a power tool made specifically for slicing through masonry and other types of concrete material. The concrete saw can be walk-behind (i.e., like a tiller) or it can be handheld. Because it is a power saw, it shares some of their components such as a circular, chain or jig blade. 

The tool will use either diamond or abrasive blade technology. Depending on the concrete saw size, it may be powered by hydraulics, air, gas or electricity. 

Difference from Power Saws 

The biggest difference between the concrete saw and the average power saw is the former’s ability to endure heat generated by friction. The tool also has the ability to cool down quickly. This is possible because of the tool’s configuration which gives it sufficient air flow.

Uses and Applications 

Apart from cutting concrete, the tool can be used for other tasks. Cement and brick can be scored for repair purposes. Concrete saws can also be used to demolish or modify bricks and concrete blocks. 


Majority of concrete saws are also capable of cutting rebar. There are also construction constructors that use the tool. The tool is used for road repair work. 


It is also employed in tasks involving asphalt movement or repair. The concrete saw can also be used for home repair or renovations. For example, the tool may be used for driveway renovations. Retaining wall repairs can be done with the concrete saw. It can also be used for fixing patios. 




Concrete saws are available in different forms, allowing them to cut in various ways. The type to use will depend on the task at hand. The amount of concrete to be cut will also be a factor. If you will work with large concrete, a hydraulic concrete saw is preferable. Those powered by gas are suited for smaller amounts of concrete. 


Warning: first time users should handle the tool with caution. Read the instructions carefully before you utilize it. Wear protective gear when using the concrete saw (or any power saw for that matter). 


You can see several concrete saw sizes in Internet stores. These are also available in home improvement stores. The cost of the items will vary depending on the power, size and manufacturer. 

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