Dimensions of a Hacksaw

If you're doing a little handy work at home, or anywhere else for that matter, that requires some metal cutting then you'll definitely need a hacksaw to do the job. However, you need to identify the hacksaw dimensions that you require to cut the piece of metal you're working on. Here are a few tips that will be useful to you in case you need to figure out which hacksaw to use.

Figuring Out the Blade Types

There are actually many different types of hacksaw blades when you ask for one in the store. The primary way of classifying or identifying hacksaw blades is by the number of teeth there are for every inch of the entire length of the blade. The number of teeth per inch can range from around 14 to 32. If you're working on thicker pieces of metal then you'll need a blade with fewer teeth while if you work on thinner metal then you'll require more.

Understanding Tooth Sets

Another important thing to consider when dealing with hacksaw dimensions is the tooth set. There are typically three different kinds of tooth sets you will find. A hacksaw with a regular tooth set will have the teeth alternating from right to left. Its teeth would be touching each other and will be perfect for softer metals or any sheet that doesn't contain iron.

Next, the raker tooth set will have the blade's teeth positioned in sets of three. This type of tooth set is perfect for thick metal. Finally, a wavy tooth set is aptly named for the very same pattern you'll find on the blade. This type of hacksaw blade is great for metals that are both thin and hard. It also makes quite a clean fine cut.

Frame Types

When dealing with hacksaw dimensions you will also have to consider the frame type. Of course, it is quite obvious that a shorter hacksaw is what you need for working in narrow areas. You will also have to decide on the frame type that you will use depending on the type of work you will usually be doing.

There are basically two types of hacksaw frames – adjustable and fixed frames. A fixed frame only fits one size of blade. Some fit 12" x 1/2" blade while there are frames that can fit longer or shorter blades. On the other hand, a hacksaw with an adjustable frame can use blades of different length. Some adjustable frames can use 10" to 12" blades and some can even go for eight to 16" blades. These are some of the things you have to consider when dealing with hacksaw dimensions.

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