Centimeters To Inches

Measuring things may be a mundane task and is almost second nature to us yet most of uscentimeter to inch don’t realize that the system of measurement that we’ve been using is borne out of decisions made by countries long ago. For most of the world, it is the International System of Units (known commonly as the SI) that is in place, which is a decimal system of measurement thereby making it a convenient one. Other countries, however, opted not to utilize the SI and instead continued to use the system of measurement that they have been using.

One of such countries is the United States, which continued to use the American customary system of measurement which includes measurements such as the inch, the mile, the Fahrenheit and others. Given the United States’ stature among the countries of the world, it is inevitable that some confusion arises from their continued use of their own customary system of measurement. This is because their customary system of measurement is not based on the decimal system. Hence any attempt to convert units from the American system into a unit from the SI, which is a decimal system, will provide difficulties due to the incompatibility of the two.

This is why for one to be able to do a unit conversion as basic as conversion from centimeters to inches, one must know first the precise value by which the values can be converted from one into the other and vice-versa.

When converting centimeters to inches, the value to be remembered is 2.54. To convert centimeters to inches, all that one must do is divide the value of centimeters that one has by 2.54 to come up with the equivalent value in inches.

With that simple steps, converting centimeters to inches must be of no problem even to those not adept with arithmetic but to illustrate further the steps in converting centimeters to inches here is one real-life situation where converting centimeter to inches is useful:

Let’s say you want to get your height in feet, which are composed of inches, since it is the most common way of measuring one’s height but the data that you have concerning your height is in centimeters (which is the common practice in clinics and hospitals). If your height in centimeters is 170 then all that you have to do is divide 170 by 2.54, which will give you 66.93. That 66.93 is your height in inches and you’ll just have to get the quotient along with the remainder when you divide it by 12 to get your height in feet.

Converting centimeters to inches is easy, especially if one knows that for every inch there are 2.54 centimeters and that dividing the number of centimeters at hand by that amount is all it takes to come up with the equivalent length in inches.

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