Shaper Dimensions

Even though milling machines are becoming more popular, the shaper can still be employed for shaping several types of materials. The data below is an overview of the features of some shapers available today.

Shaper Dimensions: MS650-125 CNC

The machine has a nominal pitch of 25.5" (650 mm) for both internal and external. The maximum diameter swing is 40" or 1000 mm. The face width is 5" maximum or 127 mm. The maximum diametral pitch spur is 3 DP while the helical diametral pitch is 3 DP. The max helix angle is 45 degrees.

The worktable diameter is 27.165" or 690 mm. The cutter spindle stroking range SPM is 20-500. The spindle position above table (min) is 10.82" or about 275 mm. The max spindle position above table is 22.24" or 565 mm. The cutter spindle diameter is 4.2" (equal to 120 mm). Other features are a cycle timer, total power-on elapsed time and part setup menu.

Shaper Dimensions: Fellows Heavy Duty Shaper

The maximum pitch diameter is 12" (305 mm) for both internal and external. The diametral pitch (maximum) is 3/4 DP (Module 8/6) and the face width maxes out at 4" (100 mm). The maximum helix angle is 45 deg. The max diameter for cutters is 5" (127 mm). The stroking speed range is set at 47 To 535 RPM.

The distance of the cutter spindle to the worktable is around 9" (229 mm). The entire machine is 85" x 82" x 101" or 2159 x 2083 x 2564 mm. The net weight is 12,800 lbs or (5,818 kg. The machine also has motors, contained cooling system and various change gears. It also has a depth field cam cutter adapter.

Shaper Dimensions: Fellows CNC Shaper

The machine measures 119" x 97" x 53" and the weight is 11,000 lbs. The helix angle (maximum) is 45 degrees. The spindle diameter is 3.543". The bore in work spindle is 5.875" while the helical diametral pitch is 5 DP. The spur diametral pitch is 4 DP. The maximum face width is 2". The pitch diameter (both internal and external) is 10".

The shaper also has a two speed 7.5 mm drive motor (at 130/265 strokes a minute). It also has a variable DC feed motor and auto lube. The coolant sump and chip basket are also included. The chip basket can be detached. It also has a standard spur guide.

Shaper Dimensions: #75A Fellows "High Speed" Shaper

The pitch diameter (spur) is 7". The helical external diameter is also 7". These are both maximum. The spur gears (diametral pitch) is 5/7 DP. The diametral pitch (helical) is 6 DP. The max face width is 2" and the helix angle is 45 degrees.

The cutter strokes range (per minute) is 200 to 450 SPM. The size is approximately is 3’9" x 3’5". The weight is 3300 lbs. The system is fitted with a hydraulic variable helix guide, and 12” riser blocks.

If you are going to use these machines, make sure to follow all the instructions to avoid accidents. This is to be followed regardless of the shaper dimensions.

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