Size of a Love Seat

Love seats can add a nice touch to your surroundings. Just like other sofas and chairs, there are now many types you can choose from.

Size of a Love Seat: Trento Slipper Espresso

The Trento Slipper Love Seat Espresso measures 29.2 x 44 x 44 inches and weighs 33 lbs. The seat has a brown metal frame. The back is tufted and employs double needle stitching to give upholstery accents.

The faux leather is very similar to the real thing. It is also easy to clean and is very sturdy. The love seat has a sophisticated and modern look. The legs are also set at angles, giving it a unique appearance. Although the style is contemporary, it can also work with other home themes and decors.

Size of a Love Seat: Metropolitan Loveseat

The Metropolitan Loveseat is 54 inches wide and 31 inches deep. The height is 34 inches. The sofa is a part of the Metropolitan Living Room Collection. It can be matched with the Ottoman Armchair. The seat needs some assembly, but the required tools are part of the package.

The love seat comes in a posh dark brown color. The arms are curved gently and it has tapered feet. The seat has stain repellent features too. The frame is constructed out of poplar wood. The finish is stained cherry. The upholstery is faux leather together with foam.

Size of a Love Seat: Sofa Loveseat Bag

The Relax SacksLoveseat Bag measures 84 x 48 x 36 inches and weighs 82 lbs. The couch has an oblong shape and filled with top quality shredded foam. The couch can fit adults comfortably and with space to spare. The compact design however, ensures the seat does not occupy too much floor space.

This unit can take the place of a regular sofa or be a complement to it. There are over 15 colors to choose from. The seat can also be set up in different ways. It can be set sideways like a bed. The seat can also be propped against the couch. It can also be used in the sitting room.

Size of a Love Seat: Trento Slipper Love Seat Ivory

The Trento Slipper Love Seat Ivory measures 29.2 x 44 x 44 inches and weighs 47.2 pounds. The seat has a black steel frame and faux ivory leather. It also has a tufted back. The upholstery is double stitched. The steel tube has ivory PVC.

The Trento Slipper Love Seat Ivory has a modern design. The faux leather makes it simple to clean up. At the same time it makes the seat durable. The seat comes with the screws needed to put the unit together. The seat can be used in a sitting room, particularly for those that want a minimalist approach to the design.

The size of a love seat always has to be accounted for. Some are designed for kids and others for adults. Some are built with space and comfort in mind while others put premium in saving space. You have to decide what is best for your needs.

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