Sideboard Sizes

Although originally designed for holding food, the sideboard today is often used for storing and displaying various items. The top usually is up to waist level but there are now variations. 

Sideboard Dimensions: E15 Farah

The E15 Farah sideboard comes in many sizes. The small low version is 1350mm long, 450mm wide and 675mm high. The small tall Farah sideboard is 1350mm long, 450mm wide and has a height of 900mm. The large low type is 1800mm long, 450mm wide and 675mm tall. The large tall Farah sideboard is 1800mm long, 450mm wide and 900mm high.

The Farah extra shelves are 420mm long, 405mm and 20mm high. Each case has a shelf included. The foot is adjustable for leveling purposes. The finish is European Walnut or European Oak. The thickness of the body is 20mm. The base is comprised of brushed stainless steel.

Sideboard Dimensions: E15 Fariba

The E15 Fariba sideboard is 1350mm long, 450mm wide and 1125mm high. Small shelves can be added, the dimensions of which are 420mm x 405mm x 20mm (length x depth x height). Large shelves can also be added. The dimensions are 870mm (length), 405mm (depth), 20mm (height).

The thickness of the body is 20mm (wood). The base is stainless steel and comes in either European Oak or European Walnut. The door panel has milled grooves.

There are aluminum strips in the door panels for extra strength. The front panels are equipped with an end to end handle. The edges are miter polished.

Sideboard Dimensions: Puntmobles Tactile 3 Door

The Puntmobles Tactile 3 Door sideboard comes in two sizes: 1550mm long x 500mm deep x 548mm high, or 1550mm long x 500mm deep x 740mm high. The Puntmobles doesn’t have a handle. A single touch is all that’s needed to open a drawer or door.

The design is such that two materials are visible; the wood for the outer body and the glossy for the drawers. The exterior is either oak or walnut. The finish can be natural walnut, whitened oak, natural oak or gray stained oak.

It can also be open pore lacquer oak (color can be black, red or white). The drawers can be in glossy white or black. The interiors are gray (synthetic).

Sideboard Dimensions: Quodes Satellite

The Quodes Satellite sideboard is 785mm high, 1350mm long and 550mm deep. The sideboard has two shelves and two doors. The cabinet shell and the drawers are in composed lacquered MDF. The finish is white.

The hinges are fitted with mechanisms that allow for soft closing. Adjustments to the doors are also possible. The base is comprised of aluminum castings and linked by steel tubes. They are colored white.


The sideboard as we know it today emerged during the 18th century. They became widespread during the 19th century for use in dining. The styles described earlier are just examples. Many more are available. The most expensive are those fashioned 18th or 19th century style.

The sideboard dimensions described are used by other manufacturers as well. However there are now many more sizes on hand.

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