American Bed Dimensions

Common American bed dimensions available are listed below. Remember that the figures refer to the mattress only. Bed frames are a bit larger. These sizes are also the standards in Canada.

Guide to United States Bed Specifications

The standard bunk bed is 39″ wide with a sleeping space of 39″ x 75″. This bed is good for a single adult or child. However, large adults will find it too small. A narrow bunk bed is 75″long and 36″ wide. The sleeping area is 36″ x 75″. It is suitable for pre-teens or a single child. A twin bed / single bed have dimensions of 39″ 75”. The sleeping area is 39″ x 75″. Frequently used in guest rooms, it is suitable for a single adult.

A twin extra long bed has a length of 80″ and width of 39″. This is a rather uncommon bed. In American bed dimensions, a full bed / double bed is 75″ long and 54″ wide. The sleeping area is 27″ x 75”. This is large enough for two small adults or a single large adult.

Queen Bed and Other Sizes

One of the most popular is the queen bed. It is 80″ long and 60” wide. This is suitable for two adults. A California queen bed is also 60” inches wide. However it is longer at 84″. The sleeping space is 30″ x 84″ per person. Because it is four inches longer than the standard queen, it is best suited for tall people.

Less common is the expanded queen bed. It is 66″ wide and 80″ long. The sleeping area is 33″ x 80″ per person. Its width is six inches greater than the standard queen bed. There is also a super queen bed. Its dimensions are the same as an expanded queen bed, but it is thicker.

A king bed is 76″ wide and 80” long. The sleeping space is 38″ x 80″ per individual. A California king bed is narrower than a regular king at 72″. But it is longer at 84″. The biggest is the Grand King bed. It is 98″ long and 80″ wide. This is of course, for very large people.

American bed dimensions are important, but there are many other things that have to be assessed. The quality of the bed is also necessary. For instance, you can choose from carved hardwood, basic metal and many others. Some beds also have night stands and headboards.

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