Paintball Gun Barrel Length

The paintball gun barrel length varies depending on the model. The average length is about 8 to 10 inches. But there are other lengths available. 
How Long Should the Barrel Be?
The length is extremely important. It determines how far the paintballs will fly. Long time players prefer the 8 to 10 inch lengths. 
However, other players think that a 14 inch barrel can improve the range and accuracy of the gun. But there are those who believe that the extra length will increase the friction. The extra inches will also reduce the gun barrel pressure. 
There are paintball gun barrel lengths less than 8 inches. These pistols resemble a pistol. While it is compact, it may not be as accurate as the longer gun. The range may not be as extensive. If you are going to purchase a gun that is longer than 14 inches, extra gas will be required. 
The guns used in paintball competitions have lengths between 8 and 14 inches. If you will be playing in warm climates, the gas in your tank will expand more quickly. This means you can use a shorter barrel without sacrificing performance. The reverse happens if you play in cold weather. Gas expansion takes longer, so get a longer barrel. 
Extra Long Barrels 
The ported barrels are longer. The problem is they take up more gas. There are also suppliers and dealers who will sell you extra long barrels. Majority of the time, the longer barrel will not improve the accuracy. Neither will it boost the range. But it does offer some advantages.
For starters, you’ll be able to fire around bunkers. You can also shoot through foliage easily. The extra length allows you to do this without getting exposed. The longer barrel is also quiet. It lets you move around stealthily. 
Its main major drawback is it eats up a lot of gas. The extra length can make the gun heavier. In an open field, the gun will be harder to maneuver and conceal. It should be noted that there are now silencers available. You can attach this to your gun to reduce the noise. 
Al of these factors come into play when you are considering the paintball gun barrel length. If you are playing for fun, feel free to try different lengths. But if you are going to play in competitions check the rules and regulations first. Specific lengths may be required. 

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