How Big is an I-Pod?

The following is an I-Pod size guide. Since the original version came out, numerous models have now appeared. Their features also vary.


The I-Pod Classic has a 160 GB capacity and can hold 40,000 songs. The screen resolution is 320×240 and the weight is 4.9 ounces. Its dimensions are 4.1 x 2.4 x .41 inches. The device can play back video. The screen size is 2.5 inches.

Nano 8 GB

The Nano can store up to 2,000 songs. The screen size is 1.53 inches with a resolution of 240x 240. It weighs 0.74 ounces. The physical dimensions are 1.48 x 1.61 x .35. Its battery life is good for up to 24 hours.

Nano 16 GB

An I-Pod size guide will show the Nano 16 GB also has a 1.54 screen size and 240x 240 resolution. The weight and the size are the same as the Nano 8 GB.

The I-Pod Touch

These are available in three types: the 8 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. They can hold 1,750, 7,000 and 14,000 songs, respectively. All have a screen size of 3.5 inches and resolutions of 960×480. Each one weighs 3.56 ounces. All measure 4.4 x 2.3 x .28 inches. Their battery life is good for 40 hours. They all have Wi-Fi support.


The Shuffle has a 2 GB capacity and can hold 500 songs. It weighs 0.44 ounces and measures 1.14 x 1.24 x .34. The playback is up to 15 hours.

Facts about the I-Pod

While there are several variants, these are all devices used for playing mp3 files. These players are manufactured by Apple Computer. As the specs above indicate, their capacity varies. Some are capable of holding a few hundred songs, while others in the tens of

The first model was released in 2001 and it sports a chrome look. In 2003, the Mini came out, which was a third of the size of the original. Unlike the original, the Mini is available in numerous colors.

To date, the Shuffle is the smallest. It looks very much like the original, but its size is about equal to a stick of gum. Every model has the unique Apple white headphones.

As you can see, using an I-Pod size guide is not difficult. They can be used to help you determine what model to buy. Remember too that many third party vendors have come up with accessories for these devices.

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