Longest Snake Ever

The longest snake ever captured was a Burmese Python. It is 32 feet long and weighs 402 lbs. There were reports of a python in Indonesia 49 feet long and weighing 1,000 pounds. However, the story proved to be false. 
Anaconda vs. the Python
In terms of the longest snake species, the top contenders are the anaconda and the reticulated python. The longest anaconda measured was 28 feet. It had a girth of 44 inches. The weight was estimated at 500 lbs. The longest python measured as stated earlier is 32 feet. While the python is longer, the anaconda is bulkier. 
The Longest Snake Ever? 
While the anaconda and the python are large, scientists have uncovered the remains of a 43 foot snake in an open coal mine in the Amazon. The 43 foot snake has been estimated to weigh over 2,500 lbs. 
A snake of this size could feed on crocodiles. Studies show that a snake of this size must have lived when temperatures were six to eight degrees lower in the Amazon. 
What do Anacondas Eat?
The anacondas belong to the boa contractor group. This means that they squeeze the life out of their prey. They wrap themselves on their prey until they suffocate to death. The victim will suffer from internal bleeding. 
When the victim dies, the anaconda will open its mouth and swallow the prey. Most of the time, anacondas prefer to eat aquatic animals. Aside from fish, the anaconda has been known to eat deer, other snakes, caimans and some jaguars. 
Because of their size, the anaconda moves slowly. To catch its prey, the snake relies on stealth and surprise. Contrary to popular belief, the anaconda teeth are not made for chewing or biting. 
Rather, the teeth are used for gripping their victim. Some species have fangs used for killing, but anacondas do not have them. You can be bitten by an anaconda but it is not fatal. These snakes are not poisonous. 
Wild anacondas live close to rivers where they look for prey. They can be found near swamps and bogs. Their color serves as camouflage. These snakes are solitary. Many anacondas can be seen half submerged in rivers. 
Today, there are many claims as to which is the longest snake ever. However, many of them are still unverified. During the early 1800s, numerous American and European explorers reported seeing snakes over 100 feet long. None of these claims have been verified. 

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