Grinders Sizes

The belt grinder specs outlined here are used by other manufacturers. However if you are getting one, be sure to check out all the figures to ensure they meet your requirements.

Grinder Size: Radius Master

The belt size is 48” x 2” (equal to 1220 mm x 50 mm).The speed of the belt is 3000f.p.m. (914 m.p.m.). In the United States it is 3600f.p.m. (1097 m.p.m.). The motor is 2 hp (1.5 kW). The motor is concealed with overload protection. The volt is 240V in Australia and 110V in the United States.

The 10 foot (3 m) lead and plug are included. In addition the Radius Master grinder can be used with a platen table. This is for square edge grinding. The RM 48-ST has a tilting stand complete with holders. The RM 48-BB has a base board with wheels.

Grinder Size: Coote Belt Grinder

The contact wheel specs are 2" x 6", 2" x 8", and 2" x 10". The idler wheel measures 2" x 4". The table is 6 "x 6.5". The ideal motor is the 3450 rpm, 1 hp. For the 8” and 10” variants, 1725 rpm is better. The shaft (w keyway) measures 5/8". The platen and table can be detached.

The Coote belt grinder can be accessorized with a sanding disc made of aluminum. The disc is 9 inches in diameter and half an inch thick. The disc can be set on contact wheels (6", 8", and 10"). The base is 15" square while the hinged motor base is 8” deep and 7.5” wide.

Grinder Size: Flott Grinder

The TBM 75 grinder has a belt measuring 75 x 1000 mm. The BSM 75 belt size is 75 x 2000 mm and the BSM 150 belt size is 150 x 2000 mm. The grinding surface is 300 mm/sec for the TBM 75, 530 mm/sec for the BSM 75 and 530 mm/sec for the BSM 150.

The belt speed (per m/sec) is 15 for the TBM 75, 34 for the BSM 75 and 34 for the BSM 150. The motor 3 phase is 0.55 kW for the BSM 75, 3.0 kW for the BSM 75 and 3.0 kW for the BSM 150. The TBM 75 weighs 30 kg while the BSM 75 weighs 105 kg. The BSM 150 weighs 125 kg.

Grinder Size: JMR

The JMR belt size is 2 x 48". The speed is 5146 feet per minute while the motor is the 1 HP Baldor. The machine weighs 68 lbs while the stand comes in at 78 lbs. The machine is 18" high, 16" deep and it is 15" wide.

The stand is 38" high, 16" wide and 16" deep. The machine has been developed to generate deburring and sanding. The JMR belt grinder also has an adjustable work rest. The belt tracking and the tension can both be modified utilizing knobs. The platen is standard.

The belt grinder dimensions and features indicated here are of course subject to change. As the technology is always evolving, the characteristics of these products will transform along with it.

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